Recap: Cannabis & Marijuana Health Effects & Current State of Research
Cannabis research into the potential health effects, and benefits of using marijuana recreationally and as a medicine.
American Glass Expo 2017 Showcasing Creative, Innovative & Best-In-Glass
Check out the American Glass expo 2017. The AGE is showcasing the best in glass, and innovation in the American functional art glass industry.
Concerns & Controversies: What Pro-Marijuana Activists Want From Our Next Attorney General
With the new administration in place pro-marijuana activists in the US are looking toward Jeff sessions for answers to their questions on legalization.
What is THC-O Acetate & How is it Made?
In a decades-old quest to increase potency in cannabis, mastering growing techniques to improve the cannabinoid expression of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has led to some of the most potent strains of cannabis sativa the world has ever seen. In addition,...
Why are silicone pipes, bongs and dab rigs popular
   Maybe one of the most “smoker-friendly” trends to hit the market lately is the emergence of silicone smoking devices. With the recent announcement of expansion, Mile High Glass Pipes is now starting to offer a wide array of silicone...
Terp Slurper - What Is It - How to Use One
   Just as the products in the legal cannabis industry continue to evolve, the devices available to consume them are evolving, too. Cannabis consumers are creative and always exploring new ways to get the most out of their products. The...
5 Reasons To Shop An Online Headshop
   In this day of technology, you can absolutely survive from the comforts of your home without ever stepping a foot outside as long as you have the internet. We can order groceries through Amazon or even get fresh, organic...
What Is CBD?
CBD – An introduction Since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the human body in 1992 by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, science has shown that cannabis is much more than just a means to get high. As cannabis use becomes...
2018 Farm Bill: New Horizons for the U.S. Hemp & CBD Industry
With the 2014 Farm Bill expiring this month, this year’s Farm Bill has become a hot-button topic in the industrial, agricultural and political realms. For those who may be unaware, the 2014 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of hemp in states that had legalized hemp at the time.
420 Events & Celebrations Across The US - 2018
While the legend of 420 is deeply rooted in cannabis culture, April 20th has become the unofficial holiday for marijuana advocates everywhere. Today, adult use is allowed in 9 states, medical use is permitted in 29 states, and 64% of...
Benefits of CBD
Of the compounds found in cannabis, cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid with incredible potential in the field of healthcare. Possibly one the most discussed cannabinoids today, as CBD regularly makes headlines for the miraculous results seen by children with severe forms of epilepsy. However, the benefits of CBD are not limited to epilepsy. In fact, there are many reasons to supplement with CBD.