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      Affordable Bongs Under $30

      High-Quality Bongs at Unbeatable Prices

      The bong market is often saturated with high-end water pipes that can be expensive. However, you don't have to break the bank to get a quality bong.

      Mile High Glass Pipes offers a wide selection of unique and diverse water pipes under $30. We have sourced bongs from around the world to bring you options that don't compromise on quality, function, or style.

      Materials and Craftsmanship

      Our collection includes water pipes made from pyrex glass, soft glass, and borosilicate glass. Each bong is handmade by skilled artisans who use the same techniques as those who make more expensive bongs.

      Pyrex Glass Bongs

      Pyrex glass, known for its durability in high-heat cookware, is also used to create bongs. Smaller pyrex bongs are often blown out like glass hand pipes, while larger ones are made on a glass lathe.

      The blower starts with a glass tube, closes one end, heats the tube, and blows it out to create the bong shape. A hole is then made for the insertion of a grommeted bowl or a glass-on-glass joint, which allows for the use of a gong bowl.

      Larger bongs made on a glass lathe allow for the creation of intricate designs by welding different sections of glasswork together. These sections may include percolators, air chambers, and decorative elements.

      Soft Glass Bongs

      Soft glass bongs often feature vibrant colors and unique designs. They may be blown into molds to reduce production costs, but still offer a great smoking experience.

      Borosilicate Glass Bongs

      Borosilicate glass, also known as scientific lab glass, is typically clear. It can be colored using various techniques to create beautiful and functional bongs.

      Types and Features

      Simple Bongs

      Some bongs, especially those made of soft glass, don't have percolators. The water filtration occurs in the base of the bong, where the smoke passes through the water before reaching your lungs. When smoking, you pack your flower in the bowl, which is inserted into the downstem. The bottom of the downstem is submerged in water, filtering the smoke and making for a smoother experience.

      Bongs with Percolators

      More complex bongs often feature percolators, which provide additional filtration for a smoother smoke. Percolators come in various styles, including:

      • Dome percs
      • Tree percs
      • Showerhead percs
      • Matrix percs
      • Honeycomb percs
      • Inline percs
      • Turbine percs
      • Fritted percs
      • Spiral percs
      • Faberge egg percs

      These percolators can be combined to create highly effective filtration chambers for the smoothest possible smoke.

      Grommeted Bowls vs. Glass-on-Glass Joints

      Standard bongs come with grommeted bowls, which use a rubber grommet to adapt the downstem to the bong. Glass-on-glass bongs, on the other hand, have a glass adapter called a "joint" that connects to the bong, creating a tight seal without the need for a grommet. The joints come in standard sizes of 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

      Find Your Perfect Bong

      With so many options available, choosing the right bong can be overwhelming. Mile High Glass Pipes is here to help you find the perfect water pipe under $30. Browse our collection today and start enjoying a smoother smoking experience!