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1.25" 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder With Screen

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American Made Dab Straw

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Blue & White Twisted Glass Spoon Pipe

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Red Button Percolator Glass on Glass Water Pipe

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Wholesale glass pipes

Aux Ark Trading had been supplying wholesale glass pipes.

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wholesale soft glass water pipes

Wholesale soft glass water pipes offer many advantages over standard pyrex water pipes.

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Wholesale Concentrate Glass Pipes

Concentrates have come to dominate the legal cannabis market. Here in Denver Colorado concentrates are everywhere.

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wholesale bubblers

Glass Bubblers are a great way to get the water filtration of a bong, but in a smaller more portable size like a glass spoon pipe.

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wholesale dugouts

Wholesale Dugouts have been around for decades. Dugouts are great for travel, and virtually indestructible.

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wholesale weed grinders

Wholesale herb grinders are a very efficient way to grind down your dry herbs, marijuana, cannabis, and flowers.

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For those customers looking for wholesale pipes you are in luck. You can visit our parent company Aux Ark Trading @ www.auxarktrading.com .

Aux Ark Trading was started in 2003 to fill a void that was created when the Federal Government decided they weren't happy with pipes being sold online. “Operations Pipe Dreams” pretty much wiped out the online wholesale industry in one day. This is the same D.E.A. Sting that landed Tommy Chong in Prison for selling bongs online.

Seeing a need for quality, & price conscious wholesale glass pipes, bongs, & dab rigs, our founders started Aux Ark Trading.

We now supply thousands of stores across the world with pipes of all kinds. We ship wholesale bongs to Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, The UK, and most of Europe.

For our US customers we offer drop shipping services for a large portion of our inventory. If you have any questions, or want to place a wholesale order you can reach our sales staff in Denver Colorado at 877-872-7473.


Frequently Asked Questions

To better help you find what you are looking for or if you just want to become more familiar with popular terminology, the language, words, or slang used in smoke shops and the tobacco or herb-based smoking industry, this dictionary of headshop, glass, pipe and smoke shop terminology may help:

Adapter: Adapters are used to protect your piece from heat damage as well as to change the sex, angle and size of the joint on your piece.

Ash catcher: Also used as a “pre-cooler”, this device attachment is added to water pipes or bongs and catch ash before it falls into your pipe. Some devices may diffuse or cool smoke.

Atomizer: The heating element on a vaporizer that converts liquids to vapors that you can then inhale.

Banger: An apparatus typically used for dabbing and smoking herbs, plants and/or essential oils.
Some banger products can be found in: Nails & Domes

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As the public becomes more aware of the various ways in which herbs and concentrates are used and consumed, along with considering safety and the various health benefits they offer, we, at Mile High Glass Pipes, wanted to share some information specifically about dab rigs, what they are, how they work, and help you make better, more informed decisions for your own individual needs, choices and selections when it comes to smoking pipes.

Here is our comprehensive guide to get your dabbing experience off to the best possible start.


Dabbing is considered an alternative and safer method for inhaling smoke to that of a direct flame set to burn or char herbs, oils or concentrates directly. Dabbing causes concentrates of herbs to burn in a vapor-like fashion because it uses the process of convective heating instead of conductive heating. It’s a form of cooking concentrates on a protective surface instead of burning directly by a flame.

The apparatus used for dabbing is called a dab rig.

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A Bong is commonly defined as a device, generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or a myriad of other herbal substances, which uses water and/or ice as a filtration system. Some suggest that the word “Bong” is said to have derived from a Thai word, “Baung” which means a cylindrical, wooden water pipe. Others say the word may have come from an early water pipe discovery in Africa with the Bong’om tribe. Historically, it is generally accepted that the bong was first brought to the United States by US soldiers stationed overseas in the 1960’s. Since then, artisan glass blowers have made bongs into their own art form.

How a Bong Works
The basic concept of the bong is to cool the smoke being inhaled by passing it through one or several chambers filled with water or ice. The more contact the smoke has with the water, the cooler and smoother the smoke. Although these devices vary in size, shape, and complexity… the one thing they all have in common is delivering a pleasantly refreshing smoking experience.

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Save yourself the time and trouble of writing the same email over and over again by listing your most commonly asked questions and answers here. A dedicated FAQ page should help address the basic needs of your customers, cutting down on customer service emails, increasing conversions, and creating a more satisfying shopping experience!

Those new to the world of dabbing will likely, at some point in their journey, come face-to-face with the question, “What is the difference between titanium, ceramic, quartz and Pyrex glass?” Here at Mile High Glass Pipes, we break down these materials to help you choose the best nails and domes for your concentrates.

Titanium Pipe PartsTitanium is a metal and heats relatively quickly, typically within 15 to 25 seconds, and it has great heat retention. In addition, a titanium nail will never break, no matter how much you drop it or heat it.Most pipe experts maintain that grade 2 titanium parts are best for dabbing, although both grade 2 and grade 3 have minimal or no harmful by-products and retain heat well. Unlike quartz and ceramic parts, the titanium used for nails is not food- or medical-grade, so it is important to consider researching the manufacturer to avoid buying potentially carcinogenic, titanium with high iron levels.
You may notice a thin layer of titanium oxide on the dab nail after repeated use, which ultimately affects the productivity of the rig. If this happens, you can use a “water-dippin’” method to remove the white oxidation residue. Heat your nail as normal, then use tongs and place the nail into room-temperature water to clean the piece. Unseasoned titanium nails can also make the concentrates taste like metal, seasoning the nail before use is best.

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