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Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes, Bongs, & Dab Rigs

For those customers looking for wholesale pipes you are in luck. You can visit our parent company Aux Ark Trading @ www.auxarktrading.com .

Aux Ark Trading was started in 2003 to fill a void that was created when the Federal Government decided they weren't happy with pipes being sold online. “Operations Pipe Dreams” pretty much wiped out the online wholesale industry in one day. This is the same D.E.A. Sting that landed Tommy Chong in Prison for selling bongs online.

Seeing a need for quality, & price conscious wholesale glass pipes, bongs, & dab rigs, our founders started Aux Ark Trading.

We now supply thousands of stores across the world with pipes of all kinds. We ship wholesale bongs to Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, The UK, and most of Europe.

For our US customers we offer drop shipping services for a large portion of our inventory. If you have any questions, or want to place a wholesale order you can reach our sales staff in Denver Colorado at 877-872-7473.

aux ark trading wholesale pipes