About us

We are an online headshop, based in Denver, Co.

Mile High Glass Pipes was founded in February 2003. Our founders were living in a small apartment, with not much for a disposable income. One of them was an avid smoker, and brought home a $40 glass pipe. It was very small, plain, and clearly not worth $40. Her husband got a bit upset, and said,” you could have gone online and purchased one way cheaper.”

He then got online, and realized there was no one online selling glass pipes. With a little more digging he found that the Federal government had just implemented “operation pipe dreams.” This was an undercover sting operation that the D.E.A. did to put online headshops, and glass artists out of business. The same sting that landed Tommy Chong in jail.

They had just received a $400 federal tax return from filing their taxes the previous week. They decided to buy pipes, and create a website. Business picked up fast, and soon they were retailing & wholesaling to stores across America.

Mile High Glass Pipes got in the business way before there was a “green rush”, and our longevity in the industry speaks for itself. We remember when all pipes were “for tobacco use only”, and when the Federal Government wanted to incarcerate glass blowers.

Due to our many years in business, we have been working with the same manufacturers for over a decade. All of our inventory is kept on site in our warehouse in Denver Colorado. Our supply chain is very short. It gets made, and then sent to us. That's it. We have always prided ourselves on selling quality products, at a reasonable price, all while giving the best customer service experience possible.

 A lot has changed in the industry since 2003. Cannabis is legal in many places, it's now “cool” to sell glass pipes, bongs, & dab rigs, and a second generation is now working at Mile High Glass Pipes.

Who would have thought that $400 would have created such a long strange trip.......