About us

We are an online retailer headshop, based in Denver, Co.

Mile High glass Pipes offers quality oil rigs, glass pipes, water pipes, glass products, oil and concentrate pipes and accessories, glass bubblers, glass spoons, and more.

At Mile High Glass Pipes we have been in the glass business since 2003. We got in the business way before there was a "Green Rush." Everything we sell we source direct from the manufacturer. We started our business as wholesalers, and eventually ventured into the retail world. All of our inventory is kept on site in our warehouse in North Downtown Denver Colorado. We buy in large quantities direct from manufacturers. Our supply chain is very short. It gets made, and then sent to us. That's it.

All of our products come with free shipping in the United States. For orders outside of the US please email for shipping rates. If you ever have any questions, or problems feel free to contact us directly.