Weed Grinders

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      When it comes to sifting through your weed to remove the bad chunks and preserve the oh-so potent kief, a weed grinder is the ultimate solution.

      Weed Grinders

      Having an herb grinder ensures that you will seamlessly cut through your herb and separate the flower into convenient smokable chunks that are easy to load into your bowl or bong. A grinder can do this because of the many sharp “teeth” the herb grinder has.

      Grinders usually come in multiple pieces – the most common are 2 piece and 4 piece grinders.

      Want more out of your herb experience? Want to get an extra-terrestrial high, at the cost of proverbially a dime? You think it might just be worth (pun intended) the grind? In that case, the piece you are glancing through should be just fine (puns galore). 

      What is a Weed Grinder?

      As the name suggests, a weed grinder is an instrument to ensure that you get the maximum out of your out-of-body experience with the magic herb. Used to crush your substance into finer grinds, the weed grinder is deceptively useful, considering how simple its elements are.

      With different constructions and materials used, the average customer would be spoilt with choices when it comes to choosing an appropriate grinder. The best part—no matter what you buy, it will always be the right choice. 

      Why Do I Need One?

      As with most other things, you should question the need for anything, including the weed grinder. Why do you need one? The short answer—an exponentially better experience. The longer answer? Read below.

      Better Grind

      In order to ensure the most out of your raw material, you will need the finest grinds possible. The weed grinder is here to ensure that not only do you get the finest material possible, but also that you get the least by-products in your main substance. Additionally, this would also ensure minimum wastage of materials. 

      When it comes to the weed grinder, the simple reason is—kief. It happens to be the more potent aspect of the plant, and therefore a prized possession. This is why it becomes so important to get a grinder with a kief chamber. Sure, it might be a tad more expensive, but totally worth it. 

      Quality Burn 

      The finer your materials are, the more efficiently it is going to burn. Think of it like other combustible materials—say, wood. A log of wood burns a lot more effectively once it is sliced into smaller components, and the case is no different than weed. 

      Grinding produces more combustible-sized particles. This also provides a much larger surface area and a greater scope of burn. Everything is about the potency it seems, isn't it? 

      Different Styles of Grinders for Sale

      Now that you are aware of the use of such an intricate yet simple instrument, you ought to see the options at your disposal too. In this case, you should know about the different kinds of grinders that you will come across, based on style. 

      Just keep in mind that every grinder should ideally contain a chamber, and obviously, teeth. 

      2 Part Grinders

      Possibly the simplest of the lot, the 2-part grinder is not to be underestimated. While this might lack a storage compartment, it does make up for it by the simplicity of use. It only has a bowl and the teeth, ergo, two parts. Whatever you grind is simply going to be retrieved. 

      2 Piece Weed Grinders

      Two-piece grinders are the simplest grinders – they have a single compartment with a lid and teeth on both pieces. The “teeth” are designed for grinding your herb into fine pieces perfect for smoking.

      3 Part Grinders

      This might be a hard find, but the 3-part grinder is totally worth the quest for. It is practically similar to the 2-part grinder, except that it has a storage compartment or an herb particle catcher. It also has a lid, making it a three-part piece. Otherwise, its usability is pretty comparable to the aforementioned one. 

      4 Part Grinders

      Being the popular kid on the block requires backing it too. This is perfectly summed up by the usability of the 4-part grinder, and also explains why it is the most popular of the lot. It also has a mesh screen and a collection chamber for greater collection and grinding. 

      Additionally, it also happens to be the one with the greatest modularity, in terms of construction materials. Want a wooden piece? No issues. Perhaps a metal construction? No problems at all. What you wish, you shall get.

      4 Piece Weed Grinders

      A 4 piece herb grinder adds a compartment added to the grinding chamber. At the bottom of the grinding piece are holes that let your ground herb fall through into the next chamber.

      This makes it easier to extract the ground herb – instead of laboriously removing it from between the teeth yourself, all you have to do is take the already-ground herb out of the second chamber.

      Mini Grinders

      With its major USP being portability, the mini grinder is a must-have for folks who are always on the move. If you happen to be around all the time, you will have to focus on compactness and portability, with a good balance of usability. This is exactly what the mini grinder defines. 

      Jar / Container Grinders

      If the mini grinder was meant for the folks on the move, the jar grinder is for the cannabis connoisseur. Representing an absolute tank of a unit, the jar grinder is most appropriate for folks who need a lot of crushing. This is the ultimate construction of it all—it just cannot get any better than this. 

      Different Types of Grinders

      The list isn’t just over yet. While you are aware of the basic constructions of a grinder, there are more options with regards to its operation too. 


      If manually working isn’t your jam, the electric grinder is here to save your day. While it might either work on batteries or electrical charge, the electric grinder does its work pretty efficiently. 

      Not only are these accessible, but for the most part, it is easier to maintain and keep up too. For the tech-savvy stoners, this should hit the right spot. 


      For the more conservative specialists, there are tons of options for you too. The manual grinder is here to ensure that you make no compromises in terms of how you can extract the most out of your weed. Fret not, the construction part is always covered—the rest of the onus might be on you.

      How to Use an Herb Grinder

      • Load it: Break your bud into smaller pieces. Ensure to put it around the center of the grinder and if possible, try not to crowd the center of it—it’s quite literally the pivot. 
      • Grind it: Replace the lid and hold the bottom of the grinder with one hand. Use the other to rotate the lid now. You might find minor resistance, but a little muscle solves the issue. 
      • Tap it: Once you are done grinding, tap your grinder to ensure that the materials are in the collection chamber. If you have a kief chamber, you can see how magically it separates too. 
      • Collect it: Now you can collect your weed and enjoy the fruits of labor. Ensure to be careful if it is a 4-part grinder—you do not want to mess with the screen. Enjoy! 

      Grinders with Pollen Catcher

      In the 4 piece herb grinder, the second chamber has a fine mesh bottom with a third chamber below it that captures the finest powder from your herb, including pollen and other fine dust particles that can be particularly rich and can be used to cap off a bowl of herb, or many other uses.

      How to Use a Weed Grinder

      The first thing to understand about weed grinders is that they will never completely close immediately when you put your marijuana into them. This is because the teeth are pushing against the flower, and it hasn’t started to be ground up yet.

      So, the solution is easy, close it as much as you can with your herb inside and then twist it to grind the herb, and it will eventually close completely. Continue twisting your grinder until it is completely broken down into small pieces.

      If you have a 2-piece grinder, you will grind the herb will until it is separated by your personal preference, while in 4-piece grinders, you continue to grind until all of the herbs have fallen through the holes in the second compartment.

      It is beneficial after grinding your weed to tap your grinder on any elevated flat surface area such as a table or desk, causing all of the tiny additional particles that might be left in the grinding chamber to fall through into your herb catcher.

      Some have magnetic lids that allow you to push less with your hands while twisting your herb in between the grinding teeth.

      Others have their own unique features, like the Alpaca grinder, which also has a dispenser built in so you can grind your herb directly into your bowl and skip the step of getting ground flower out of the herb catcher. Still, others maximize existing technology.

      Some have transparent chambers to see your herb being ground or falling through into the herb catcher. The variety is nearly endless, and we can’t say which one is perfect for you (after all, that’s why we carry so many!)

      To find out which one is best for you, we advise browsing our unique expansive collection of high-quality grinders and remembering every grinder serves two purposes: to make your life easier and as a way to express your personality with your smoking apparel.