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Most excellent pipe

Upon trying this water pipe for the first time, I was blown away by how smooth and cool the draw was. I think this is a really nice pipe.

Replacement tips

Ordered replacement tips and they are working great. Also, great customer service

Works like a charm.

Pretty good for price

The bong itself is very high quality glass and has perfect airflow. Very nice rips on this thing. Only thing was the bowl piece was kinda bad but I have other bowl pieces so I was cherry.

The best product out of every other one there is

This is the only brand if I had to again ever use it the best on the market and definitely works amazing I really definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone else that has to use something like this to definitely for sure use this brand I promise that you will not be disappointed

10 times better quality

Order a $14 dollar bubbler after sale price. Figured it would be a thin tissue paper glass product. Lord was I wrong, I've paid $50 for same quality. 👍🔥💨☁️

Ispire Daab - Electronic Rig

Very well made

Nice thick glass. Nice artistry. Great price. Fast service.

Maze-x Pipe | New
Donald Paschen
Old man loves his Herb. Great service as well Thank You

I’ll try to be as real as possible. This is the best pipe I have used, Takes away most all harshness. Does stop my chough. Great Pipe easy to keep clean. Would recommend getting extra bowls, keeps you smoking. One hundred percent would recommend this pipe. Dose help my lungs. Love this product
Thank You :>

Lock-n-load Chillum
Joni Hanson
Lock n load chill

Great chillum, discreet and convenient.

The Maze Pipe
Pauline Priest
He really likes it.

He loves the smoothness of the smoke and that it has a small insert for a singe toke.

Love it. So beautiful

The Maze Pipe

I like my Maze Pipe.It works well.Route Package Protection Plan is good to have.
Thanks Mile High Glass Pipes Thank you Glen Katchmar



The Maze Pipe

Haven't try yet. Thank you Glen Katchmar

The Maze Pipe
Glen Katchmar
The Maze Pipe

I haven't try the pipe yet. Will try on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day and New Years Eve and New Years Day.Leo took care of my order and was great to deal with. Thank you very much Mile High Glass Pipes Glen Katchmar

Borosilicate Glass Pipe Bowls For Maze - x

Clear Color Slide Bowl
Charles Jones
Perfect replacement, nice craftsmanship too.

Most importantly they sent me an email saying I may want to review my selection -size was wrong. Great customer service!


These wraps take all the hassle our of rose petals Seals well and burns great. Will purchase again!

Better than what it replaced.


Works as described and is so easy to clean.

Hi price of shipping

I love the product but was taken back by the fact it cost as much money to ship as it took to buy it

Cool Pipe

Great price, fast delivery and product exactly as described.

Route Package Protection

I'm not sure what Route Package Protection is or if I even had it on my package. I do know I love my product and it was delivered quickly and was purchased at a great price.


Good grip & decent chug for 8” wide base helpful