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Love it!

I LOVE this pipe! It is the perfect size for a personal pipe. It has a nice feel in my hand. The bowl makes it easy for me to dose out how much I want to smoke. I did have to find a tool that will let me clean out the bowl, you can't turn it upside down and smack it to empty it. Nice smooth smoke, well done.


love this thing. I control the heat to get that smooth draw. very little choking

Spiral Mini Hand Pipe
Michael Riville

Love me that glass pipe! It was priced EXCELLENTLY and it arrived very quickly. I will definitely be back 🤘

Wooden Tray

I love wooden rolling tray I found.


Absolutely Marvelous!!!


Better than a bong… imo

Love it

Overall service and glass

At first I was a bit skeptical but these guys at Mile High glass are amazing they took great care of me from start to finish and even when the post office took a few days extra they gave me back my first class shipping rate! And the glass itself is phenomenal absolutely will be getting more from your website 💛🙏💯

Blo Tokes Electric Dab Nails
Michael James Mason
Blo tokes dab nail

Great product for a great price from a great store

Perfect small, portable/personal

Great Pipes

I love my pipes. I had a little problem with my order and they took care of it immediately…I will definitely order from them again…Great Company!!!!

Good stuff

I'm enjoying it very much. This is a cool idea I may have to upgrade it 😜

Xvape Vital
Charles Sanford
Nice personal vaporizer

Good for vaping. Some have complained about the recharge time, but I've never had it take more than about an hour.

Awesome box

You must have this box. Everything you need to rev up your night.

Ispire Daab - Electronic Rig

Great water pipe

Great product for a great price from a great store

Gold Fumed Spiral Chillum

High Five Duo E-rig
Andrew Brown
Duo vape

It’s nice to not have to torch up everyday. This thing replaces it for me and I smoke/vape pretty heavy

Arsenal Gear Ar15 nectar collector

Great product for a great price from a great store

Ak-47 bong

Beat piece I’ve ever gotten. Rips like nobody’s business

Duotone Double Bubbler
Ryan Albertson

Only the finest fire passes these lips. This unit is the best I have ever owned…ever. Now I am using Mile High exclusively, as long as they produce the same quality and low prices. I actually got impatient and bought various devices. No they are ok. This unit kicks hard. Enjoy!

Love it!

I love the piece, it’s so cute! Delivery was super quick, and, customer service was excellent!

A pipe for anyone!

I was really shocked, this pipe is basically a water pipe without the water! Burns cool, doesn’t need special cleaning, just a soak in regular rubbing alcohol (in the pipes original box) and in a half hour you just rinse with hot water, dry and all the tar and particles are gone. Then you’re ready to smoke for another week. good pure smoke! Don’t forget, you also have a carburetor on the side to control your smoke intake! Cheers to whoever invented this!

8" HAZE 2-in-1 Honeycomb diffuser Bent neck Dab Rig
Parris <3
Love love love!!!

I purchased two rigs… And this one was by far my favorite! Not only is the design super cool but it gives the best hits!

The Slider Pipe
Joel Stouffer
It really cools, which is really cool!

I was skeptical of a pipe that supposedly cools your smoke but this Slider Pipe by Weedgets really cools the smoke considerably. It's helpful to take smaller puffs to get the cooling effect. The Maze Pipe and Maze Z, also by Weedgets re amazing, too!