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6" glass bong

Very nice little pipe

7" Dome Perc Water Pipe with 14mm Male Bowl

Silicone pipe

Love the pipes, & service is great & shipping is quick!!

Silicone pipe

It came quick. & I asked a question, & got an answer from you guys very quickly!! Will probably buy more. I'm going to get intouch with a vape shop called Dubz to order them in bulk!!

Ispire Daab - Electronic Rig


I like it but if it was the same design but a tube form that would be great i do like it though i feel like im sucking a you know what lol

Inspire daab e rig

Awesome. Amazing easy to use.

Gun water pipe

I LOVE it!!!!!!

Puffco Peak
Puffco peak

Perfect and one of the best products I bought ❤ it only wish I knew that the atomizer wasn't detachable from the ceramic dab banger

ShipTection Shipping Protection

It's 60 bucks 🫶

It's 60 bucks, so it isn't heaven. But if you're curious about an erig; as you're looking into learning the in and outs, and take the learning experience into getting a much better one/being able to appreciate a better one. But it's worth 60 bucks. It cleans easily and the instructions are idiot proof (hi, hello!). It's a sleek design, compact and the parts are good quality. If you've never had an erig/don't have a friend with one (again, hi), it's worth it.

Oxford Glass Pipe
Timur Bulut

Oxford Glass Pipe

Glass shotgun single coil steamroller 7 in.

Mini Bubbler Silver Fume Glass Frit Art

Mini Bubbler With Frit Glass Lining Art

3 Part Aluminum Herb Grinder with Handle

Well designed and works like a champ! All metal, no plastic except for the scraper. This thing is sailor proof!


Seems like a needed service these days, affordable protection on your packages.

Sherlock Gold Fume Black Frit Design


These are Great

My fave

The colors are stellar, the glass drops on top magnify the beauty of the contrasting swirls, in subtle morning sun and sky colors. It bubbles like a cadillac bubbler..primo. I will definately be ordering another one.

I love it

First glass I've bought in 20 years. It's great

Marley natural smoked glass bubbler

awesome piece great service will buy from mile high again

Pink Bubbler with inside Twisting Art

Beautiful little bubbler, fits nicely in my hand, and hits very smoothly. I'm very happy with this piece!


Hands down best bong ever!

Great product, great customer service!

Great products all around and even better customer service.