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Route Package Protection
Eduardo Frasqueri

great communition great product

The Maze Pipe
Steven Clark
Happy Camper

Bought the Maze-X first. It’s great but bowl too big . Maze has smaller bowl and is perfect for solo smokers. No carburetor on Maze Ilike Maze-X has. Buy both! The technology works!

Excellent service and glass

Received broken. Replacement is gorgeous and arrived early. Excellence all the way around

Maze-x Pipe | new
John Gaskey
Hell yeah

Hits very smooth

Route package protection

I didn't have a good experience with the delivery. But the customer service. Helped me resolve.

ispire daab

product arrived on time packaged well no issues whatsoever

Genius Pipe
Joseph H.
Not bad; not great

I was looking for a pipe that would be easy to completely clean. This is easy to clean. The bowl is small although they do offer a larger one for sale. The design makes it a little awkward to hold. It does draw well; you get a good hit. And it looks innocuous sitting on the table; it looks like another remote control. Seems well made, but the dimples which are designed to cool the smoke do have a slight cooling effect, but only if you take a small hit.
It is a nice little pipe and I will continue using it alongside my other small pipes, but I am only about 50/50 on recommending this pipe.

Ispire Daab rig HONEYCOMB

It's one of the best electronic rigs I have owed so far.the hit you get. I recommend 510 Low temp hit fast clean hit.. Next to the boost evo and switch. Its top contender.. let see the life of it..

Quality is great.

Nice thick glass. My only complaint is the hole in bottom of bowl is slightly too big.

Buy with pipe

Spare bowls keep sessions going!
Lose or break bowl and pipe out of service.
Hand bowl to brother in law and tell him to fill it with his smoke haha.

Works well

Love it

Superior pipe. Works as promised huge cool hits. Bowl too big for solo use. Going to get the smaller version too.

Beautiful Glass Pipe

The friend I bought this pipe for was more than happy with my purchase but that person dropped it and now I will be ordering another. Great product!!!


Just moving in with a roommate and I broke their bong, they were thinking it would be some time before getting it replaced, but I surprised them with a new one sooner rather then later.
It looks great! Happy with my purchase for sure! The bowl piece is a pretty cute idea haha. And the package it self was very reassuring because it was wrapped up nice and snug which is very appreciated!
Thank you guys!!

This is a rad little setup you get and I can’t wait to hit the bubble gum wraps 😄


Received order missing items. Customer service was incredibly helpful and sent remainder of order asap. Very happy with their service

Rolling in heaven

I got several types of papers.
RAW were the best.
My parrot loved chewing on them

Route Package Protection

Maze Pipe Screens, 15 Pcs
Randall Stockton
Order completed

Impressed at how quickly they corrected mistake and fulfilled order. Thank you

Best grinder!

I didnt buy mine from this site, but I will say, BEST GRINDER I HAVE EVER HAD!


Overall 5/10 for one bigger then thought 2 there is no downstem percs

Route Package Protection
Crystal Martinez

Route Package Protection

Lock-n-load Chillum

Lock-n-load Chillum

Grinder hsppiness

I found exactly the type I wanted.
I also had a choice of size.
I actually ordered two.

Love it

Awesome Bong!! I love the Ice Chamber!!!