Electric Dab Nails

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      There are many ways to consume cannabis concentrates, but using an electric dab nail is on a whole different level. If concentrate is your preferred cannabis product, then you should consider getting an electric dab nail, one of the best tools for dabbers looking for ways to get the most out of their extracts.

      What is an Electric Dab Nail? 

      Electric dab nails, also known as e-nails, is an electronic device built to allow cannabis users to dab wax and concentrate. And unlike a traditional water pipe, using an e-nail does not require a torch. 

      The device usually comes in various designs and materials to suit your lifestyle. Depending on your choice, e-nails come in three different types as Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium.

      Dabbers can enjoy their cannabis extracts by simply turning on the unit and choosing the desired temperature without having to worry about heat variability or even running out of butane at the worst of times. 

      E-nails are typically stress-free and easy to use. It removes the difficult process of heating a nail with a butane torch or waiting for it to reach an ideal temperature to enjoy the concentrate. 

      With no torch required, e-nails give you the real taste of concentrates by eliminating the chemicals associated with the torch, which is also an additional benefit for those who care about their health. 

      When it comes to dabbing concentrates with an electric dab nail, the basic goal of the game is to regulate the temperature. If it's too cold, the dab will pool at the base of the nail giving out small to no vapor and when it is too hot, one will be left with a bad-tasting dab scorched in its own carbon dust. 

      How Do E-Nails Work?

      Using electric dab nails makes dabbing super easy with no special skill required. All you have to do is to turn on the device,  set your temperature, and wait for it to heat up.

      Regardless of the type of e-nails, the function remains the same. The technology behind this tool is simple and the convenience puts you in full control and allows for multiple dabbing without having to reheat.

      Electric dab nails come with a controller box that provides heat through a coil that connects directly to the nail itself. Unlike traditional dab rigs, an e-nail box offers precise temperature control and you can toggle through different temps with a touch of a button.

      Benefits of Electric Dab Nails

      E-nails offer a wide range of benefits to dabbers. Aside from being a straightforward dab tool, here are some of the upsides of using an electric dab nail for your dabbing adventures. 

      Precise Temperature 

      Electric dab nails offer users full temperature control without having to worry about heat variability. E-nails are fast to get to the precise temperature set up. Whether you're a high or low-temperature dabber, it gives you the precise temperature needed for an enjoyable dabbing experience. 

      Variable Temperature

      With the variant temperature, e-nails offer both old and new users the opportunity to enjoy their concentrates at either higher or lower temps. This also allows you to experiment with dabbing at different temperatures in order to decide which offers the best experience for you. 

      Quick Heating

      E-nails require a small amount of power to operate and once set, heats very fast. You can control the heating time as well as the temperature with a touch of a button. 

      Also, the hot quartz dish can last until the nail is turned off. Multiple users can dab at a time interval without reheating.

      No More Torch

      What's greater than not having to worry about hurting yourself while dabbing or constantly buying a torch for your dabs? 

      E-nails are electric-powered devices, which completely eliminate the use of a torch for dabbing. Once it’s all set up, you just need to choose a preferred temperature and allow it to do the magic for you.