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      A dab pen wax vaporizer is a small handheld portable vaporizer that is used to vape concentrates. They typically have a single button on them that controls the unit when vaping. They are much easier to use than larger tabletop-style vaporizers.

      Wax Vapes will come with preset heat settings. They are straightforward to use, and portable pen-style vapes are very portable. They can be used discreetly for dabbing while on the go.

      Tabletop concentrate vapes lack portability but are great for use while at home. They can handle extremely heaving dabbing. Tabletop vapes are great for larger seshes with friends. These vapes will have multiple heat settings, and you will be able to find your heat according to your extracts' type and consistency.

      Dab Pens

      Are you looking for a compact, discreet and usable device? Something that can not only accentuate your dabbing experience but do so in a pocket-sized structure? Look no further than a dab pen. After all, there is a reason why dabbing enthusiasts have hyped up this pocket gem, and for all the right reasons. 

      What is a Dab Pen? 

      Working as a pen-style vaporizer for cannabis concentrates, the dab pen is a convenient machine. Typically containing a battery that is associated with a wax atomizer, the dab pen surprisingly lights up concentrates with ease. 

      How Does a Wax Vaporizers Work?

      Every dab pen has a heat conduction system. When it comes to the jargon surrounding wax vaporizers (by the way, the wax is essentially the concentrate you enjoy), it is an intricate system of coils and heating.

      Once you have placed your concentrate (wax) on the appropriate spot, your coil systems will start working based on the battery power associated with it. These coil systems can have varied heating properties. 

      Keep in mind that wax vaporizers produce vapor and not smoke, per se. This is super advantageous because your body systems are more receptive to vapor than to smoke. You get better hits, basically. 

      Benefits of a Dab Vaporizer

      There must be some reason why dabbing enthusiasts are going gaga over these devices. Some of them can be labeled below. 


      Think about it. Dabbing is no longer an indoor event. If anything, dab pens have become proponents of compactness and usability in small form factors. This happens to be one of the greatest advantages of the dab pen. 

      Being discreet is a lot more advantageous than you can fathom. Not only can you find a quick corner to indulge in a dabbing session, but can avoid unnecessary complications and hassles too. The discrete nature of a dab pen is really underrated. 

      Variable Temperature Settings

      The coils would ideally provide different kinds of heating at different temperatures. The modularity of temperatures is a massive advantage that the dab pen poses. Not only can you get a custom-dabbing experience, but can do so with great discretion.

      Different Coils

      As stated earlier, different coils have different properties; and with that, you can get different degrees of heating. For instance, ceramic coils have become pretty much the norm. For the niche audience, there are a lot more options, such as quartz and wick. 

      Different coils, owing to the fact that they have different properties, have variable heat resistances too. For instance, a coil that can bear higher degrees of temperatures can ideally provide longer durations of deep vapor inhalations, such as quartz. Use this to your advantage. 


      Now that you are aware of major advantages and use-cases, why not delve a bit into feature sets?

      Different Threading

      This might sound a bit nerdy, but hear us out. Threading refers to the fact that coil threads are aligned in said proportions. These threaded connections are consequently what is attached to the battery, and in a way, determine charging / discharging times too. 

      With the said information, you can seek what will provide you the most pivotal battery hours. Also, look for battery hours and durations. Dab pens are rather notorious for shorter working hours, so ensure that you make the most of these threads.

      Easy to Carry and Hide

      As stated, a device this compact and this simple to use can be hidden pretty easily. Not just that, but the ergonomics of it screams convenience and compactness. Owing to this, your dab pen will be pretty easy to carry, hide, and keep away from dubious elements. 

      You can use many different types of concentrates in wax vapes. Shatter, Wax, THCa Diamonds, Rosin, and many other extracts can be used in most wax pens.

      Dab pens don't work well with oils & liquids. Even the liquid extract in sauce tends to run out of the atomizer, making it extremely difficult to dab. For best use of the vapes, a thicker concentrate is needed. Diamonds, shatter, crumble, etc.. are the right choice.

      Loading your wax vape

      Concentrates are much stickier and harder to handle than the flower. They need to be stored in non-stick silicone containers. To transfer your wax from the silicone container, you want to utilize some dabber.

      Dabbers can come in many different materials, but all perform the same function. From glass, titanium, stainless steel to silicone, there are many market options with varying expense degrees. There is no need to spend a lot as they need to perform the simple task of loading your vaporizer chamber.

      With concentrates, you won't need to load as much into the chamber as with dry herbs. A little can go a long way because of the potency.

      Wax vaporizer atomizer styles

      Wax vapes come in many different atomizer styles. The atomizer is the element that heats up and vaporizes your concentrates.

      Single rod, double rod, and triple rod vapes have varying rods running through the atomizer. The number of rods correlates with how much vapor the vaporizer will produce.

      For lesser amounts of vapor, a single rod is a right choice. For intense parts of vaping power, go to the triple rod atomizer, and you won't be disappointed.

      Coilless atomizers have no rods or coils, and the chamber appears empty. They tend to be lower temperatures and offer smooth dabs.

      Atomizer materials

      Ceramic atomizers are very popular. They offer slower heat up and slowly cool down temps. Ceramic coils are easy to clean and don't impart any flavor to your concentrates.

      Quartz atomizer coils are favored for their inert flavor. They let you taste the authentic flavor of your wax or shatter. Quartz heats up faster and cools down more quickly than ceramic.

      With a curated selection of dab pens and wax vaporizers, you can easily enjoy your concentrates, THC-A diamonds, shatter, rosin, BHO, distillate, budder, glass, dab oil and waxes with a whole new light. For Wax, shatter, concentrates and Dabs; Slick Vapes presents our offerings of Wax Vapes for sale. Looking for a great place to find oil vape pens on the cheap? Buy wax vaporizers and wax vape pens that are discreet look great while remaining incognito.

      Tips for choosing and using a wax pen vape

      • Choose a wax vape with a large enough chamber to satisfy your needs.
      • If you are a frequent dabber, spend a little more for a unit that will be more durable.
      • Before using your unit, heat it and put a little wax onto the coil to “season it.”
      • Choose the correct atomizer for your particular product and usage patterns.
      • Make sure to pick a vaporizer that has the battery capacity for your needs (Most batteries will be plenty for your needs )
      • Do not touch your dabber to the coils as they are fragile, and it could damage them.
      • Keep your coils clean.
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