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Make money selling smoking accessories with our robust 420 Affiliate Program. Paraphernalia like bongsdab rigs, and bubblers are in a class of high-risk restricted products unsupported by popular online selling platforms like Amazon.

With the Mile High Glass Pipes Affiliate Program, you can earn an 8% commission from every sale with high-performing cannabis display advertising on your cannabis blog or high-traffic coupon partner site.

Combine your passion for cannabis and business with this robust solution. It's 2021 and time for online marketers seeking passive income to niche down on an emerging legal marketplace that's rapidly growing and maturing.

Sign up for the best affiliate program for smoking accessories and publish the provided resources on your website. Take advantage of this affiliate amazon alternative program dedicated to selling paraphernalia, usually restricted in global e-commerce. Earn money selling glass pipes and vapes with Mile High Glass Pipes.

The Best Affiliate Program

  • Earn up to 8% on every sale you send us!
  • Serve dynamic recommendations to maximize your commission!
  • Mile High Glass Pipes is a leading online headshop in the US
  • Promote 1000+ Brand Name Products

8% commission on each sale

Earn money with Mile High Glass Pipe's affiliate program. Unlock a stream of passive income by participating as an official affiliate with us. Our affiliates make an 8% commission on each successful sale they refer to!

Start earning commissions

Get paid for every sale.

Every sale you refer us is attributed to your account even if the visitor leaves and buys later. We made sure to meet and exceed even the #1 online headshop in the USA and are the industry leaders on cannabis affiliate marketing and averages on sales commissions.

Easy Tracking and Metrics

Our affiliate portal offers quick insights into the performance of your links and banners.

The Affiliate Program is Perfect for

  • Webmasters
  • Coupon Partner Sites
  • Growing and Seed Portals and Blogs
  • Shopping Sites
  • Herb and Tobacco-Related Sites
  • Industry-related blogs


Millions of people online are searching for a new piece of functional glass art or herbal vaporizer. Anyone who uses cannabis, CBD, or tobacco may lead to a sale. Invite your friends, fans, or visitors to your website and convert your fanbase into extra money in the bank.


MHGP affiliates aren't can share links to our homepage as well as to any product page. Promote individual products to the right audience for a higher sale.


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Earn Passive Income

Anyone who uses cannabis, CBD, or tobacco may lead to a sale. Millions of people online are searching for a new piece of functional glass or herbal vaporizer.

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