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58 products

Pyrex Glass Bongs and Soft Glass Bong Available From Mile High Glass Pipes Online Smoke Shop

Mile High Glass Pipes carries a large selection of pyrex glass bongs and soft glass bong pipes. Our selection of bongs come in many different styles and sizes. The main objective of using a bong is to filter the smoke through water for a smoother hit and the ability to take a much larger hit. Our bongs achieve this goal with percolators and water filtration. Some of our more basic soft glass bong models contain a single downstem going into the water to help filter the smoke. You can take this one step further by adding different styles of percolators to the glass bongs. Inline percs (percolator) are usually laying down on their sides. They offer a great way to filter the bong smoke while not taking up to much space.

Dome percs are one of the more basic percolator designs seen on water pipes. They have inner percolation with a dome placed over it. They are easy to make and do not add a lot of expense to the final product. Tree percs are a variation of the dome percolator. Tree percs typically have an inner perc with arms(or trees) coming off of it. They can range from 3 arms up to 12 or more arms. Many bong styles even go a step further from these with upside-down percs, spinning percs, tornado percs, and honeycomb percs.

When you want to really get the most from your pyrex bongs stacking percs can make the experience even smoother. Stacked percolators on a glass water pipe means to have more than one percolator for filtering the smoke. Your bong may have inline percolation at the bottom and go into a tree perc and or a honeycomb disc percolator. The different styles and combinations of glass percolator bongs are truly limitless.

Whether you need a basic soft glass bong or a more complex multi-perc pyrex glass bong Mile high Glass Pipes has a wide range of bong pipes to fit your smoking needs.