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dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are the number one selling vapes on the market. More flower is sold per capita than any other item from recreational stores. Not all dry herb vapes are made the same, and options vary throughout the industry.

When looking for a dry herb vaporizer there are many aspects to consider. The color can be a personal preference, but the style and shape can have an impact on your enjoyment while using the vaporizer.

If your new vape doesn't fit well into your hand, the button is in an odd location, or the shape isn't conducive to use then most likely your vaping experience will be poor. Choosing the correct size for a dry herb will depend on your lifestyle, and where you will be using it the most.

Does it need to be small  and discreet for easy transport, or do you want a table top model that you can use while watching t.v? Handheld vapes are the most popular of the dry herb vaporizer models on the market. They offer ease of use and potability.

Battery Life

It's very important to make sure that the battery life of the vaporizer you are choosing meets your needs. Typically it is very hard to use a vape so much that battery life becomes an issue, but for heavy users it is a must to match battery life with your daily use.

Dry Herb Chamber Capacity

The chamber capacity of dry herb vaporizers varies between models. Some smaller portable units will only hold enough material for a few puffs. While other larger table top units can be stuffed full enough for you and your friends to have a complete sesh from.


Any product is only as good as it's warranty. That is why Mile High Glass Pipes only sells top brand vaporizers that stand by their products.

Convection Heat or Conduction Heat

Convection heat uses circulating air to heat up your flower while conduction heat uses direct heat form an element to heat the dry herbs.


Dry Herb Vaporizers come with preset heat settings. Standard portable vaporizers have a single heat setting. More advanced models come with multiple heat settings that can be chosen based off of the density, and moisture of your dry herb material.

Heating Element Material

Ceramic elements use a ceramic material like pottery that is favored by many smokers because it does not impart a taste on the dry herbs. You get the true flavor when vaping.

Glass elements are less popular as they are delicate, but like ceramic they do not change the flavor of the dry herbs when vaping

Metal elements are more durable, but can change the flavor of your dry herbs.

Tips for using dry herb vaporizers

  1. Make sure your flower is completely dry
  2. Use a grinder to finely grind up your dry herbs
  3. Follow the directions with your vaporizer when packing the chamber
  4. Keep your vaporizer clean so that the vape can perform properly</p>