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      Certain glass pieces like the dab rig are a favorite among those who are looking for a stronger experience than what can be provided by regular cannabis. However, there are additional tools that can be used alongside your dab rig as a means to enhance the experience.

      One of these tools is known as a carb cap. If you’ve heard of carb caps before but don’t know what they are or what purpose they serve, let’s take a closer look at these tools to better understand how they can play into your dabbing experience. 

      What Is a Carb Cap? 

      A dab carb cap is a tool that can be placed over your dab nail or banger in order to help you improve your control over the airflow and its direction while also retaining heat.

      Much like a carb on any other tool, your carb allows you to build up greater clouds until you’re ready to clear the device. While a carb cap for bangers isn’t always necessary for every user, it’s still an excellent product to have on your side to make dabbing better than it is by itself. 

      Different Types

      There are different types of carb caps out there that will offer a specific experience once you start dabbing with them. Some of the different types of dab carb caps that you may want to consider for your dab rig include: 


      A directional carb cap is a type of carb cap for bangers that offers a focused stream of air to help you vaporize your concentrates more efficiently as you chase your concentrates around the nail. If you’re someone who tends to dab in a hurry, a directional carb cap may be the best fit for your needs. 


      Bubble carb caps work best with flat bangers and completely seal off the concentrates, making it easier to vape your concentrates without having to worry about any leakage. That being said, you may want to look for a bubble carb cap that offers a dab tool with a carb cap in order to move your concentrates around while you’re vaping them. 


      A flat carb cap features patterns carved within the body of the carb cap in order to direct air in a specific manner that helps you get great hits without wasting an ounce of your concentrates in the process. Just make sure that your flat carb cap fits over your banger before you finalize your purchase. 


      A bullet carb cap is similar to bubble carb caps in nature. The exception being that this carb cap for bangers will allow you to spin terp pearls a bit more easily. If you’re a fan of terp pearls, this carb cap product and the ones below will be the best fit for your vaping sessions. 


      Aptly named, a vortex carb cap produces a cyclone of cool air that is directed into your banger, resulting in cloudier, cooler hits from your concentrates. This one also works well with terp pearls and terp pills. 

      Pearl Spinning 

      Pearl spinning doesn’t necessarily add anything extra to the actual vaping experience, but it does contain a small pearl that spins around to show you the airflow and some excitement while you’re taking a dab. 


      Carb caps tend to fall into the same range of materials that are used for making dab rigs. This means that you can either find cheap carb caps made of silicone that will be easy to clean and less likely to break.

      You can invest in glass carb caps that will preserve the flavors of your concentrates as they travel into your device and throughout your dab rig. Both of these materials are excellent, so it’s really a matter of preference when it comes time to purchase a carb cap for yourself. 

      How to Use a Carb Cap

      Using a carb cap is as simple as the process of dabbing. All you have to do is go about your business, as usual, place the carb cap over the nail once you’ve inserted your concentrates into the nail, and move it around to get the concentrates completely vaporized. Once you’re finished, remove it to allow the cool air in and to clear your rig. 


      If you’re using a glass carb cap, soaking your carb cap in water and soap, isopropyl alcohol or salt will help you get rid of the built-on residue that has accumulated on your carb cap. If you’re using a silicone carb cap, you can boil it to get the residue off, freeze it so that the residue hardens and is able to be scrapped or broken off, or soak it. Just make sure you don’t use isopropyl alcohol with silicon as this can ruin the material. 

      Carb caps are a great way to get even more control out of your dabbing sessions. If you think a carb cap will be your next purchase, all of the details offered above will help you choose the perfect carb cap for your banger so that you can get bigger clouds and fully vaporize your concentrates.