From art-themed custom worked boro glass dabbers, to highly functional titanium Flat Head, Ball Point, and Scoop options, The Dab Lab is sure to have the perfect dabber & carb cap combination for you. The right dabber for you depends on your concentrates—because this tool’s job is to properly handle extracts from the storage containers to banger with minimal waste.

      Different styles of dabbers work best for different types of concentrates based on their consistency. For shatter, a pointed, picked or skinny-tipped dabber is best equipped to break off pieces and pick them up. If you’re dabbing on crumble or THCA crystals a scoop style dabber is your best bet to get all the potent little morsels. And if you’re into the sauce, go for a flat or shoveled tool that can scoop up all that stickiness.

      Dabbers typically come in three varieties: titanium, stainless steel, and glass. Whichever material you choose, it’s equally important to always keep your dabber clean by wiping it down with an alcohol wipe or burning off any residuals after each use. This protects your concentrates from getting mixed up with old stuff that has potentially picked up lint or fuzz between sessions.

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