Refund & Return Policy

With the large amount of orders processed by us on the daily, it’s inevitable that the occasional product refund or return becomes necessary to honor, based on any number of factors inherent to the smoking accessories business.

Returns and Refunds

Therefore, although we strive to give you 100% satisfaction with your shopping experience with us, we ask that you understand and agree to the following refund, return, and warranty policies before placing any orders with us:



Mile High Glass Pipes WILL accept returns of any UNUSED or DAMAGED or DEFECTIVE items you buy from us – if reported within 5 days of you receiving the items - as long as they are still in their original, unopened packaging.

*** Please note that if the product HAS BEEN USED AT ALL - (even just one time), that we CANNOT accept the return. There are no exceptions to this policy. ***

The process for returning items is pretty simple:

1) Start out by FILLING OUT THIS RETURN AUTHORIZATION FORM , to make the initial contact with our customer support team.  From there, we will work with you to process your return.

2) Our team will need to authorize your return first - based on our policy guidelines described on this page. Once that’s done and confirmed for a return, will then provide you with a pre-paid shipping return label for the products.

Once you've received your shipping label from our customer support team, next step is to simply pack up your item(s) using the same packaging materials and box it came in, then secure the pre-paid shipping label to the box, and drop it off at your nearest post office.

3) Once our team has received and authorized your return at our home base here in Los Angeles, we will process the refund, if applicable, within 1-5 business days (Monday- Friday, excluding holidays), and issue you the refund FOR THE ITEMS PRICE (not including shipping fees) using your original payment method. We DO NOT offer cash or check refunds.

*** Please note that if your request for a refund is received AFTER our 5 day return policy, we reserve the right to offer you store credit instead of your refund. ***

And that’s about it…
if you’ve done the steps properly, next thing for you is to just sit back and await your credit or replacement products to arrive.


Mile High Glass Pipes provides no special warranties on any of its smoking accessories or products beyond covering for damage and/or defective merchandise. If you suffer the unfortunate experience of having your item arrive to you damaged, or if after opening it, it doesn’t mechanically FUNCTION as represented, or has some other manufacturers defect, please start by FILLING OUT THIS AUTHORIZATION FORM FIRST.

Be advised:

1) If your item ordered appears to be delivered damaged or deemed defective, please note the pertinent details to us in the authorization form above.  

2) Next, our customer service department will process your form in order to decide if there's a simple way to "quick fix" the issue to your satisfaction.  

3) If your situation requires a more complex solution, we will provide a return label for the item and instructions regarding your next steps to receiving your replacement item.

Please note that in order for us to provide you with your necessary replacement item or return authorization for damaged goods, we will insist on clear evidence of your claim. (photos, videos, descriptions of events, etc.)


In order to be eligible for a full refund, all cancellations must be instigated within 24 hours of you placing your order online with us. Please contact us immediately by email to start the process. 

- Please note that your full refund for cancelled orders might take upwards of 1 - 5 business days. 

- After the 24 hour cancellation window, you will need to wait until the package gets delivered back to us by the carrier before requesting your refunded amount, less shipping charges.  


Any INCORRECT or UNDELIVERABLE addresses submitted during the checkout process can result in a "return to sender" status, with the package being sent back to our main warehouse.

- If our system flags the address error, we will contact you and do our best to resolve the problem to get your package on the right path. (note that this can cause delays in our shipping schedule.) 

If a "return to sender" status occurs, we will contact you as soon as we receive the undeliverable package and offer you these 2 options:

1) Pay for a NEW shipping fee to a CORRECTED ADDRESS, and we will  RESEND your package again... or...

2) Request a refund for the product price MINUS THE FEES due to the first INCORRECT shipping directions given. 

Note that if your response as to which option you prefer takes more than 5 days, then we reserve the right to give you store credit instead of a refund. 

NOTE: If you have been approved for a replacement order, no matter the reason why, only one replacement order will be sent. This replacement order will have tracking info made available to us as the shipper, and you as the original purchaser.

We are not responsible for the loss - or failure of delivery - of this replacement - by the shipping carrier after tracking is sent. 

Additionally, we reserve the right to send the replacement order using the carrier and shipping method we choose. (not necessarily the same shipping method of the original order.)

 Lastly, in the interest of not causing any additional dissatisfaction or conflict in regards to the faulty product, any additional replacement requests and costs (after we've already replaced one), will be the responsibility of the buyer.


*** Please allow a minimum of 24 hours after your tracking number indicates its  "delivered" before claiming it as a lost or stolen package. (This is due to a number of different reasons, depending on the carrier.) 

1) If your package is deemed to be LOST, we will file a claim with the responsible carrier and do our best to send you a replacement. This might take upwards of 3-5 business days to receive an update on the claim. After the claim is processed, we can then ship a replacement order. 

2) If your package is deemed to be STOLEN, YOU will need you to file a claim with the carrier, reporting your mail as stolen, and then provide us proof of your claim in order for us to send you a replacement with a signature required. 

3) If your package is deemed to be LATE, please note that no carriers ever guaranty a delivery date, but rather just give a good faith expected delivery date., however, most delayed packages get to their location within 3-5 business days.  If it turns out the package is LOST, please refer to policy #1 above for LOST packages. 


For all these reasons, WE DO NOT OFFER FINANCIAL COMPENSATION on the above shipping scenarios. 

- Please note there are some carriers that provide you a limited "money back guarantee" if they don't deliver on time, however you must contact them directly for the details of receiving financial compensation for their mistake. 

Learn more here or here.


If you get stuck, don’t worry! You can always contact us at or call (213) 988-7576 for questions and answers.