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31 products

Silicone pipes have gained a huge following in recent years. For decades glass pipes have dominated the smoking pipes market, but silicone bongs, pipes, and dab rigs have begun to overtake them. With the advancement of manufacturing techniques and the volume of pipes being made increasing, silicone pipes' price has dropped significantly.

For durability, silicone can't be beaten. Unlike glass pipes and bongs, silicone will never break when you drop it. Silicone can be twisted, dropped, scratched, and washed many times over and will still be fully functioning. One drop can destroy a glass bong, but silicone bongs will bounce on the floor.

Silicone is a synthetic polymer made of silicon, oxygen, and other carbon and hydrogen elements. Silicone is a flexible, rubber-like plastic and has several useful properties, such as low toxicity and high heat resistance.

One of the biggest questions about silicone is, “Is silicone safe to smoke out of?” The most important factor in this is buying quality silicone pipes from a reputable online headshop. Here at Mile High Glass Pipes, we only sell lab-tested, high-quality silicone pipes. They will be able to handle heat up to 500+ degrees without any issues. We only sell silicone pipes and bongs with glass bowls to help protect you even further from the possibilities of overheating the silicone. With high-quality silicone pipes, you will not have to worry about the pipe melting, distorting, or emitting any nasty fumes.

If you like to keep your pipes clean, silicone is one of the best materials to aid you in this mission. One of the silicone's best properties is that it is non-stick. This means that your silicone dab rigs and nectar collectors will be much easier to clean after many dabbing seshes. Clumps of concentrate residue can literally be peeled off of the silicone. Even silicone pipes and bongs will be much easier to clean after prolonged use because they are dishwasher safe.

Pretty much any pipe that has been made of glass is now being made of silicone. The most popular are silicone hand pipes and bongs. Silicone bongs have gotten very intricate with their features. They now contain percolators that help to filter your smoke with water. Some of the percolators are even made of pyrex glass, making these more of a hybrid style of water pipe. Dab rigs and nectar collectors are now being made of silicone. For portability, you can't beat dabbing with silicone. No more worrying about a broken rig when going to a show, festival, or camping. More recently, silicone hammers, Sherlocks, and bubblers have hit the market. These are a newer adaptation of a traditional glass bubbler style, but with the obvious benefits of not breaking when you drop it.

Pyrex glass weed pipes tend to be priced based on the amount of work involved to make them. This also means that the more color glass work you have in a bong, the more the bong will cost. You can get bright colored silicone with silicone bongs for the same price as a more plain color. If you like a tie-dye look, you can get that in a silicone bong for a reasonable price. Even glow in the dark silicone is much cheaper than its counterpart made of glass. Silicone comes in literally every color and combination of colors you could imagine. To celebrate your favorite sports team, you can get a silicone pipe made of their respective colors. The options are literally endless.

Using a silicone bong is just like using a glass bong. Silicone is flexible, but it keeps its shape during use. Some silicone bongs also have a silicone downstem, while others have glass down stems. All of the bongs we sell have pyrex glass bowls that are removable and easy to clean. Most of the silicone water pipes we sell have a slide bowl that will act as a carburetor to help you clear the chamber while smoking.

Our silicone hand pipes work like a traditional glass hand pipe, but they will never break when you drop them. Some of the pipes we sell have other options that you can't get on a traditional glass pipe. You can get a silicone pipe that won't break for a similar or lower price, has a built-in storage container, and a built-in cleaning tool. This is why silicone hand pipes have soared in popularity over the past few years.

Here in Denver, you see nectar collectors everywhere. They are great for dab parties to try different concentrates without using the same dab rig 100 people just used. With a silicone nectar collector, you can carry it to gatherings and will never have to worry if it will make it through the night. Now some silicone nectar collectors even come with built-in percolators for a much smoother dabbing experience. When you pair a silicone nectar collector with a titanium nail, you have an almost indestructible dab tool that will give you years of use.

If you like smoking flower silicone bubblers, they offer a much more smooth smoking sesh than a dry silicone pipe does. Whether you choose a silicone hammer, sherlock, or another style bubbler, their function will help to ensure you can take deep hits of your favorite flowers. Silicone pipes seem to be synonymous with traveling and the outdoors due to their almost indestructible nature. Silicone bubblers are the perfect travel water filtration smoking pipe because of their smaller size. Some of our silicone bubblers will even fit into a pocket.

With all of the benefits of silicone pipes, it's no wonder more and more smokers are making the switch to silicone as their main smoking pipe.