Novelty Pipes

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      When you think of a novelty pipe, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are that you think of the typical, straight glass or plastic pipes that you can find in any smoke shop.

      However, the truth is that pipes can get far more creative and exciting than the typical options you may see in-store or online. If you want something that is truly unique 

      What Are Novelty Pipes?

      Novelty pipes are products that feature unique designs that take you beyond the typical pipe experience. Say, for example, products that resemble certain food products or animals.

      Some pipes may feature a different style while still looking and operating like a traditional pipe. Meanwhile, others will have a bit of a different design to look more authentic while still giving you the ability to smoke from the design. If you want something that’s unique and personal to you, go for a novelty pipe. 

      Themed Pipes 

      Many pipes will have a theme that makes them stand out and helps you find the perfect pipe for your needs. For example, food pipes often feature designs like ice cream cones, donuts, or avocados. Are you a fan of plants? If so, you can easily find mushrooms and flowers.

      If you’re a fan of animals, you can find dog and dinosaur pipes. Finally, those looking for something truly unique can find designs like lipstick, skulls, or even succulent bowls. When it comes to novelty pipes, the only true limit to what you can own is your own imagination. 

      Types of Novelty Pipes

      The types of novelty pipes you can find will generally fall into one of two categories. These categories are: 


      For those who want to preserve the flavor of their herbs, a glass novelty pipe is likely the best option for you. Glass products are among some of the most unique as the glass blowing technique gives creators great freedom over what the final product looks like.

      Most importantly, the thick glass won’t add any contaminants to the smoke itself as it travels from the bowl to the mouthpiece. If you want something that you can use on the go or in the comfort of your own, you’ll find that a glass novelty pipe does the job. 


      If you’re a bit clumsier when handling pipes and have broken a tool or two in the past, a silicone product may be the best fit for you. Silicone products offer an extra layer of production as they’re difficult to break.

      Additionally, they’re easy to clean as you can boil them, freeze them, or soak them (although you will need to keep your silicone away from isopropyl alcohol). If you don’t want to have to worry about your pipe breaking, go with a silicone novelty pipe. 

      Novelty pipes transform the smoking experience with a unique look and feel that goes beyond your typical pipe. If you want something cool to add to your collection, make your next purchase a novelty pipe!