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      Often referred to as "E-Rigs" - electric dab rigs are vaporizer devices that use an electric or battery-powered heat source with a ceramic or quartz heating coil and traditional glass percolator or mouthpiece - to offer a super portable and easy way to dab.

      Electric Dab Rig

      The dabbing community has gone beyond the days of rigs and blowtorches. There are more efficient and modernized ways of consuming concentrated cannabis like the use of electric dab rigs. 

      The invention of electric dabbing accessories is a game-changer in the cannabis industry. They not only make life easier for dabbers but also make it safer for people to consume their favorite dabs. 

      Before the introduction of e-rigs, dabbers used traditional dab rigs that required the use of a torch. Oil rigs are typically glass water pipes with a metal or glass rod known as a "nail" which is heated by a blow torch before inhaling the concentrates. 

      But since e-rigs came into the picture, dabbers don’t need to struggle between torching up their nails and worrying about getting burned by the hot fire. 

      What is an Electronic Dab Rig?

      Electric dab rigs, also known as e-rigs for short, are dabbing devices that use electricity to turn cannabis concentrates into consumable vapors. 

      E-rigs create the heat you need to melt the dabs that you load into the dish. This means that you don’t require a torch-like you do with a traditional rig. What’s even more interesting is that you can regulate the temperature depending on how high or low you want to dab the extracts. 

      The device features all the benefits of a traditional dab rig and even more. It not only produces flavorful and smooth hits but also offers precise temperature controls and eliminates the risks that come with using a regular bong.  You can toggle through the different temp levels with a push of a button. 

      How to Use it?

      Using e-rigs is not rocket science, nor does it require a special skill.  If you've used a traditional rig before, then setting up an electric dab rig should be a work in the park for you.

      To use it, simply start by turning the device on with the power button, then check the temperature settings and set it to your desired degree. Some e-rigs come with a pre-set temperature from the manufacturer. 

      Once the temp is set up, press the power button to start heating your dish. With the materials fully connected to the loading tool, release your extracts into the bucket once the set temperature has been reached and enjoy your bubbles while capping the atomizer with a carb cap.

      With no butane required, e-rigs give you the natural taste of concentrates by eliminating the chemicals associated with the blow torch, which is also an additional benefit for those who care about their health.

      Parts of an e-Rig

      An e-rigs features different parts including a water filtration system called “bubbler,” a titanium or quartz bucket coil that holds the wax and concentrates, a heating chamber called the “atomizer,” control buttons, and a mouthpiece used for inhaling the vapors. 

      Benefits of an Electric Dab Rig

      Electronic dab rigs offer several benefits over traditional rigs. E-rigs are super easy to use and offer dabbers an improved experience. They are also less dangerous compared to bongs because they don’t require the use of a torch which could expose you to fire. 

      Some of the other benefits of e-rigs include the following:


      E-rigs come in various portable sizes which make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use in a social gathering. The portability also makes it easy for an electric rig to fit into a traveling bag. 

      Variable Voltage

      E-rigs generally come with variable voltage. This lets you dab at higher or lower temps, and since you can easily regulate the temperature with a button, you can experiment dabbing at different temperatures to determine which gives the best experience.

      Precise Temperature

      An electric dab rig offers full temperature control for an enjoyable dabbing experience. The concentrates are heated according to the selected temperature. It gives you the optimum and precise temperature needed for an enjoyable session. 


      Using a battery or a plug-in power source, electric dab rigs heat a heating element using electricity, allowing for dabbing without any flames or other tools.  Extremely convenient, and perfect for on-the-go dabbers.  We'd definitely recommend trying one for your next sesh.

      Percolator and Filtration

      Electric dab rigs even come with glass chambers with percs - for an added level of filtration and truly transitioning the gap between traditional dab rigs and these hybrid electric ones.


      Various Different Coil Materials 

      When it comes to dabbing, it’s important to consider the material used to produce the heating element. In the case of an e-rig, the coils are designed with different materials including titanium, quartz, and ceramic. 

      High temp dabbers generally prefer titanium coils over other materials. Titanium is the toughest material for dabbing. It will not shatter when exposed to high heat. However, titanium coils tend to have a metallic taste when overheated. 

      Quartz coils, on the other hand, are a near-perfect option for dabbers who are worried about using titanium coils. They are durable but not as strong as titanium. The good news, however, is that they do not alter the flavors of your dabs.