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Dab Rigs Under $50


      Affordable Dab Rigs Under $50

      Dabbing has emerged as the leading method for both recreational and medical users in today's legal market. By dabbing, you get a concentrated amount of vapor in just one hit. This is perfect for those with high tolerances or those needing heavy medication, as it saves time compared to smoking multiple times to achieve the same effects.

      Why Choose Dab Rigs Under $50?

      With the influx of new concentrate users, the demand for reliable, quality dab rigs under $50 has never been higher. Why spend a fortune on an expensive oil rig when you can get a high-performing rig for under $50? You can find comparable options to the more expensive rigs, allowing you to save money for more dabs.

      The Evolution of Dab Rigs

      Dab rigs have evolved from the old "hot knife" method, which involved using a heated knife and a straw to inhale vapor. This simple, dry method delivered potent vapor but lacked modern filtration. Today's rigs offer improved functionality and convenience.

      Modern Dab Tools: Dab Straws and Nectar Collectors

      For users on the go, dab straws and nectar collectors are popular choices. These tools simplify the dabbing process with a modern twist:

      • Dab Straws: Typically dry, they require a torch to heat the end, which is then dipped into a concentrate.
      • Nectar Collectors: Often include water percolators for smoother, filtered hits. They are compact and ideal for travel, fitting into purses, backpacks, and pockets.

      Sherlock Style Dab Rigs

      Sherlock style dab rigs resemble sherlock bubblers but are designed with a dome and nail for concentrates. These rigs usually feature:

      • Down Stems: Go into water for vapor filtration.
      • Nail Options: Choose between glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium nails.
      • Percolators: Basic models include diffused down stems, while more complex rigs feature multiple percolators like honeycomb or fritted percs for enhanced filtration.

      Upgrading Your Nail and Dome

      When buying a rig under $50, you might wonder if upgrading the nail and dome is worth it. Here’s a quick guide:

      • Glass Nails: Standard and cost-effective, retaining heat well for most users.
      • Quartz Nails: Heat evenly and retain heat longer, popular for a smooth dabbing experience.
      • Ceramic and Titanium Nails: Offer durability and performance improvements, ideal for heavy users.

      Quartz bangers are especially popular, featuring a domeless design with a skillet or bucket for concentrates. They come in various thicknesses and joint sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm), available in both male and female adapters.

      Quality Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

      A limited budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. At Mile High Glass Pipes, we offer a range of budget-friendly dab rigs under $50. Enjoy a great dabbing experience without overspending. Save your money for more concentrates and avoid overpriced rigs.

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