Silicone Dab Accessories

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      Silicone dab accessories for your dab rigs and oil rigs Keep your waxes, shatters, rosin, and other concentrates from sticking. Our online headshop carry's silicone dab mats, Silicone nonstick trays, and silicone non-stick containers to use with all styles of oil rigs and dab rigs. Store your oil rig concentrates in our silicone containers. Silicone storage jars are great for travel, camping, concerts, etc.., and use with your favorite oil rig. Silicone dab rig accessories resist heat and won't allow your concentrate oils to stick to your oil rig. Silicone dab mats and trays are great for setting your dab rigs and oil rigs on. They work great on coffee tables to help keep everything clean and tidy. Also, none of your concentrates will stick to them.

      When using your dab rig, you will find a much better experience when using silicone dab rigs smoking accessories. When transferring concentrates to your oil rig, you will find that using a silicone container will help. Placing your dab rigs or oil rig on a silicone mat will help keep your table surface clean. The extremely sticky texture of most rosins, shatters, waxes, etc., using silicone dab rig and oil rig accessories will make smoking them much easier.

      Mile High Glass Pipes sells a full line of dab rigs and oil rig smoking accessories. We ship all silicone dab rig accessories from our online headshop. Whether you need silicone dab mats to keep your table clean or silicone containers to hold your concentrates, Mile High Glass Pipes online headshop has the silicone smoking accessories you need for your oil rig and dab rigs.