Sunpipe H2og

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If you are seeking the best manual smoking experience, look no further than the Sunpipe H2OG. With its impeccable construction based around minimalism, the Sunpipe H2OG is one force to reckon with. Not only does it ensure longer hours of smoking, but also maintains its smoothness. 

Sunpipe H2OG

Before you delve into the pragmatics of whether you should get the Sunpipe H2OG or not (which you should), check out its true capability. Firstly, there is doubt regarding the presence of any other device that is so easy to operate—just add water, pack the bowl, light, and make the most of it. 

Performance of the H2OG by Sunpipe

Not just that, but there is a water bubble system that ensures maximum smoothness too. Ironically, this also works a lot to remove waste, other than making your experience smoother and more concentrated. More about this later. 

Usually, it is said that a product that burns this long also has a lot of residues. The case is far from that when it comes to the Sunpipe H2OG. Not only does it keep little residue, but is also incredibly easy to clean. You simply can’t get a product that strikes both simplicity and utility like this one does.

Water Bubbler Vape

If there is a perfect manifestation of the smoothing agent, it has to be the water bubbler vape of the Sunpipe H2OG. Look, in order to get the most out of your dry herbs, they should be as smooth and concentrated as possible. 

This is where the Sunpipe H2OG plays its magic. With the water bubbler system, once you have attained a suitable temperature, you can expect an amplification of smoothness. This is there to ensure you the greatest possible hit. 

Adjustable Spring-Loaded Bowl 

In order to cater to a wide spectrum of audiences, an ideal company should understand that different folks have different needs. In the case of the Sunpipe H2OG, the said case is ticked, and ticked well enough. The adjustable spring-loaded bowel is indeed worth pondering upon.

The Sunpipe H2OG essentially has a flexible bowl, which means that a said amount of dry herb can be adjusted. Ranging from 0.5g to 1.5g, the bowl contents can be varied according to the user’s needs. 

There is another important use of this spring mechanism, as stated below. 

Simple Cleaning

As stated above, the spring-loaded mechanism has an additional role in cleaning. The spring-loaded bowl is also connected to a button. Once you press it, it detaches, thereby giving you enough room to clean it. To no one’s surprise, the Sunpipe H2OG is actually rather convenient with regards to maintenance as much as it is to performance. 

Battery Life

What is the use of this metric, when there is no battery hotchpotch involved in the first place? The Sunpipe H2OG is not to be trifled with because of its simplicity, for that is its USP. All you need to do is simply light it up, and make the most of your Sunpipe H2OG. 

How to Clean

While it might sound redundant to you as to why we are talking about cleaning the Sunpipe H2OG way too often—you need to realize the importance of it. There is quite literally no other counterpart that is so simple and yet so effective. 

Since the Sunpipe H2OG can be disassembled rather easily, it doesn’t take much to remove the spring and clean its interiors. Luckily, you are also provided with a dual-sided cleaning brush tool—brush your bowl chamber clean.

How to Use the Sunpipe H2OG

The simplest of the lot. Just add water, pack the bowl with dried herbs (after proper grinding) or any other material of your choice. In order to do this, take off the magnetic top, open the chamber, and set your bowl capacity.  

The rest is simpler. Push the chamber to close it, and light it. The smoke will collect in the tank, thereby giving you smoother and better hits. 

If value-for-money was a great proposition, then the Sunpipe H2OG should be the epitome of it. Ensure that you are able to provide regular cleaning sessions, in order to maximize the eventual effectiveness of your hits. 

Dry Herb Pipe

Get Higher with the H2Og water pipe for dry herbs. Grind the flower, pack the bowl, light it, and enjoy. Once the bowl is sparked, it stays lit in the chamber while the smoke collects in the tank to enjoy. Smoking through the water tank cools the smoke and removes ash. The H2OG provides a clean and efficient smoking experience with a slick design. Easy to disassemble and clean. Filling and cleaning tools included. This is a more enjoyable way to smoke a gram of herb without knowing how to roll a joint like a professional. Here's what you get in the smoking kit.

  • Stainless Steel and Glass.
  • Replaceable Glass Water Tank
  • Adjustable .5g to 1g Bowl
  • Magnetic Cap

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