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Dab rigs are used for vaping your favorite concentrates, waxes, and oils. Some call them oil rigs; others say concentrate pipes, but they all are used to smoke your favorite dabs. In the early days of dabbing history, people would take what was known as “knife hits.” Knife hits were the earliest form of modern dabbing. Smokers would set a butter knife on top of the stove and heat it. Once heated, they would remove the knife and drop a small chunk of concentrate onto the knife's hot end. They would use a straw to inhale the vapors from the hot knife. From this modern-day dabbing way created.

Mile High Glass Pipes carries affordable dab rigs under $50 and dab rigs under $100. Some of our lower-priced oil rigs will be perfect for starter pieces to familiarize yourself with the process of dabbing. Our basic concentrate rigs will come with a pyrex glass nail and dome. They will typically have basic water filtration built into the piece and allow for a smooth vaping experience.

Some more intricate pieces will have percolators and multi-chambers built into them. These pieces will have more than one point of water filtration that will ensure a vaping experience that is nothing but pleasurable.

Recycler oil rigs have tubes built into them that recycle the smoke inside the piece. The design creates almost a vacuum effect so that the vapor doesn't escape from the rig's base. Recycler designs can have some intense glasswork that involves up to 10 tubes and multiple chambers. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the design of Pyrex glass recyclers.

Can I use my bong to dab?

If you buy the right nail and dome that will fit your bong, you can indeed use it to dab with. It is best to use the bong as either a full-time bong or a full-time dab rig. If not, when you dab, the vapor is going to have an off-putting taste. When you use the bong and smoke flower, that flavor will still be there when dabbing. The strong flavor of flower smoke residue will make your dabbing sessions taste funky. For best use practices for dabbing, you want a dedicated dab rig so you can enjoy the full flavor of the terpene profile of your concentrates.

What different types of concentrates can I dab on my oil rig?

With most oil rigs, you can dab almost any type of concentrate. The most popular on the market in the US seems to be shatter or waxes. In areas where recreational and medical are legal, you seem more advanced techniques to make higher-end concentrates. In these areas, sauce, aka terp sauce, is the got to concentrate for dabbing full flavor super terped out goodness. Extract Companies refined sauce more to get the diamonds and not the sauce. This is referred to as diamond mining. The diamonds are extremely concentrated and one of the most potent options of concentrate on the market today.

Older school styles like crumble, butter, and even bubble can be used with our concentrate rigs. Using oils can be a little more tricky. Depending on the texture dabbing oils can be more work than it's worth. Things like distillates can be dabbed if they are not too runny. These concentrates will need to be thicker so that you can transfer them from their storage container to the nail with some dabber. If the oily concentrate is not thick enough, it will just run off of your dabber before you can get it on the nail or banger. Our oil vaporizer line will be better suited for thinner oils than trying to purchase a dab rig.

What do I need to dab?

You will need the two most important things when dabbing is some concentrate and a dab rig. That being said, it's not all you will need to accomplish your goal of inhaling giant vapor clouds. To heat your nail, you will need a torch. Most people use handheld butane torches. The smaller, lighter style torches won't work very well and usually won't heat your nail hot enough to vaporize your concentrates. For extreme dabber that wants to save some money, propane torches like the ones plumbers use can save tons of money. Basically, you buy the propane torch adapter from the hardware store, and it screws on top of a small propane tank. These propane tanks cost only a few dollars and will last even the heaviest dabbers for many weeks.

Storing your dabs can be tricky because of the texture of the concentrates. They tend to be sticky and tacky by nature. When using sauce or oils, it is best to use the container that they were purchased in. Fro things like waxes and shatter, silicone containers for storage work extremely well. These silicone containers are non-stick and work well for transporting your favorite concentrates. They come in sizes that are generally rated in milliliters. 3Ml, 5ml, and 7ml are some of the standard size silicone containers we have for sale.

Moving your extracts from the storage container to the nail so you can dab is done with a dabber. Dabbers are long skinny utensils specifically designed to pick up your concentrates and put them on to a heated nail. It's like the spoon of the dabbing world. Dabbers can be made from so many different types of materials. Basic metal dabbers made of stainless steel dominate the market. They are extremely durable and very inexpensive. Other dabbers are made of titanium, glass, and ceramic.

Upgrading your dab rig with a new nail can make for a better dabbing experience. Aftermarket nails are made of similar materials as dabbers. Quartz bangers are the number one aftermarket add-on for today's popular dab rigs.

Now that you have the low down on dab rigs and what you will need to dab, you can shop our online headshop to find all your dabbing necessities.

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