Stoner Friendly Things To Do In San Francisco

After visiting some of San Francisco’s tourist-friendly dispensaries that I’ve written about before, you might find yourself wondering what to do next. San Francisco has a lot to do and can be even more enjoyable while you’re lit. That’s why I created this list of stoner-friendly activities to do while you’re high in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park & Hippie Hill

If Golden Gate Park wasn’t already on your list of places to visit while touring San Francisco, it definitely should be! Golden Gate Park is one of the nation’s most beautiful parks and a San Francisco gem. You can enjoy a plethora activities here. Whether you decide to take a euphoric trip to the Academy of Sciences and wander through their rainforest dome, take an inspiring tour of the DeYoung Museum, watch the disco roller skaters on Sundays, or blackberry picking, you’re going to have an amazing time.

One of the most popular spots happens to be the home to one of San Francisco’s biggest stoner hangout spots: Hippie Hill! There’s even an annual 420 festival on April 20th at Hippie Hill. It’s the one day of the year where the city seems to be pretty lax about public marijuana usage (probably because it’d be too hard to arrest thousands of people at the same time). Everyone comes together from near and far to smoke weed and enjoy a massive amount of goodies, music, and a great community. It might be worth scheduling your trip around if you haven’t picked your trip date yet.

Haight & Ashbury

Right at the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park is one of San Francisco’s best-known historic neighborhoods: the Haight. Known best for being the birthplace of the hippie counterculture movement spurred during the Summer of Love, the Haight is still a chill spot for the alternative and open-minded. There’s a decent amount of places to visit such as Amoeba and Rasputin, which are both great places to get records, CDs, and music merch. There’s also tons of great thrift stores, an anarchist bookstore, curiosity shops, and cool boutiques selling hippie threads, souvenirs, and steampunk apparel. There’s also a ton of good food to choose from, so you can let your munchies go wild. And, if you’re not worried about being crossfaded, there’s a number of bars along Haight Street.

Best of all, SPARC is in the neighborhood, so if you’re at least 21 and have your ID, you can start or end your trip there or relax in between. SPARC has a nice little vape lounge where you can use the products you purchased safely and legally. They also host game nights every Wednesday as well at 6 PM!

Dolores Park

If you’re not familiar with Dolores Park, a trip there after hitting a smoke lounge downtown is the perfect way to get familiar with the area and the crowd that hangs out there on a daily basis. Located in the Mission District and just a short walk from the Castro, Dolores Park has been a stoner paradise and hangout spot for decades. It’s a very friendly and social place, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people and interact with the locals and other visitors enjoying their day. There are also a bunch of vendors that hang out near the park, plus all the amazing food the Mission and the Castro have to offer. Make sure you bring some money with you just in case you get the munchies.

Picnic with edibles

While using marijuana in public is still against the law in San Francisco, I won’t snitch on you if you pack a few pot brownies with your lunch. San Francisco has a number of scenic places to enjoy yourself while--ahem--elevated. The parks that I mentioned on this list are a great place to start, but if you want to keep exploring, there’s a ton more of San Francisco to see. A euphoric picnic at Ocean Beach while watching people surf and listening to the sounds of the ocean with friends makes for a great time. If the beach or the parks mentioned above don’t quite seem up your alley, you can use this resource provided by the San Francisco Parks and Recs Department to help you pick your picnic destination.

Puff, Pass, Paint

If you’re looking for activities to do while stoned, then look no further than Puff Pass and Paint. Puff Pass and Paint offers three different 2-hour marijuana-friendly activity groups in Oakland that are BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis). While they take their name from their painting course, members can also attend the Puff Pass & POTtery workshop and design their own ashtrays and other pieces with a local potter and marijuana enthusiast. If you’re not into ceramics, Puff Pass & Pastry, a 1½ hour basic cannabis culinary course might be more your speed. All of these events are held in private studios and kitchens in Oakland that are easily accessible on public transportation. If Oakland is already on your itinerary or you’re willing to take the short trip from SF to Oakland, these activities are highly worth your time.

Mission District

The Mission offers a wealth of culture. While I don’t really recommend being on Mission Street for the first time while under the influence if you’re unfamiliar with the area, I do think it can pair quite well with a solid high. The Mission is one of the most culturally rich areas of San Francisco. A lot of people go just to see the historic Mission Dolores chapel that the district derives its name from. Others go for the active nightlife scene. Most go for the food. It has some of the best food and entertainment you can get in San Francisco. There’s a ton of great Mexican restaurants, like La Taqueria on 16th Street. You can also get an amazing bahn mi at the Vietnamese grocery store Duc Loi on Mission Street. On the way, you can stop at Mission Comics to see what’s new and meet the friendly shopkeeper and patrons. If you need a break or are tired of all the great food, check out the New Mission Theatre, Urban Putt, or Mission Bowling Club. There are also a few dispensaries in the Mission worth checking out, the most popular being The Green Cross.

If you enjoy thrift shops, Mission Thrift and Community Thrift will be just your style. You can also chill on Valencia Street, which offers classic Mission flavor mixed in with fancy hipster aesthetics. One of the best vegan restaurants in the city, Herbivore, is worth stopping at, even for die-hard carnivores. It also highly recommend checking out 826 Valencia. There’s a pirate-themed store up front, with all proceeds going to support education and writing schools for kids and teens, including the workshops they run in back. Next door to 826 is Paxton Gate, a curiosity shop where you can find all kinds of curios, crystals, exotic plants, and books. A short walk away, you can find both Borderlands Books (a favorite for sci-fi and fantasy fans) and Dog-Eared Books. Overall, the Mission is one of the most low-key places to hang out, and one of the best places to wander around while you’re faded.

Off the Grid

I had to save the best for last. Off the Grid is one of my favorite things to go to in San Francisco. Off the Grid is an organization that puts together food truck markets all over the Bay Area. At every market, you can sample a variety of food from all over the word, craft cocktails, beer, and wine, and free entertainment and a variety of open-air locations.

Fort Mason is the best of the events that Off the Grid puts on. It has the largest variety of food and is located right in San Francisco’s Marina District, so you can get amazing evening views of the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. It’s only open from March 2nd till October 26th. During those wonderful eight months, you can enjoy dinner from 5-10 PM at the Fort Mason Center. It’s the first one I went to and my personal favorite. Fort Mason will give you the most diverse street food experience the city can offer, with 30+ of the Bay Area’s finest food trucks. Don’t pass up the chance to try local favorites, from Filipino fusion Senor Sisig to Jeepney Guy, and Onigiri, the Japanese rice ball cart. If you’re going to be in San Francisco in late fall or winter, it’s still worth checking out some of their other events.

As a tourist coming to San Francisco to enjoy the weed tourism, you might find yourself wondering what activities will be fun and comfortable to do while you’re high. visiting this Could be for you. While this list only scratches the surface of the joys of cannabis-friendly San Francisco, I hope it gives you a starting point when you’re choosing how to spend your time. San Francisco is a great place and you should enjoy yourself however you want.


Cael S.  San Francisco, CA
Cael is a writer and journalist based in San Francisco. He is an advocate for legal, safe recreational marijuana and strives to educate audiences about cannabis.