How To Use a Wax Pen Vape For Dabbing Concentrates

How To Use a Wax Pen Vape For Dabbing Concentrates

Many people shy away from smoking dry herb due to the lingering scent, and the length of time it takes to achieve the desired experience. Edible cannabis can take too long to provide relief, and consumption adds calories to the diet which are often sugary or fatty. Where does that leave consumers who need expedient relief? Concentrated cannabis products are the perfect solution, reducing the odor, and the effects begin as fast as smoking flower. Many concentrated forms exist, but the preferred of most combine portability with potency.

Portability and discretion remain critical for a large number of cannabis consumers, yet cartridges produce so much waste, a factor many environmentally-conscious adults wish to avoid. Most cartridges on the market are also cut with other materials, which dilute the concentrate and make it viscous enough to vaporize through the smaller powered heating elements which they utilize. Studies have not been conducted on whether these cutting agents are safe to inhale, due to cannabis still being a scheduled drug most research which could prove conclusive is prevented, making many wary of the lasting consequences of inhaling such materials. While a cartridge is pre-loaded, they often cannot be re-used. When they can be refilled, users have to use syringes filled with concentrate, which risks damaging the components of the cartridge and usually leads to wasted product.

To achieve a potent effect without creating trash, or risking bodily absorption of cutting agents, a wax vape pen proves an excellent alternative.

How is Wax Made and What Makes it Different?

Wax differs from other cannabis concentrates due to its texture, unlike CO2 oils, live resins and bubble hash, wax is easy to handle and perfect to load into a pen to take medicine on the go. It is malleable, sticks to itself enough to measure precise amounts, which makes it the go-to variety for many who need a quick and no-mess option for their pens. Wax Pen Vapes can be reloaded, cutting down on unnecessary and expensive cartridges, utilizing clean vaporization technology to achieve smooth and powerful hits.

Wax is produced using cannabis flowers or trimmings. Plant material is then introduced to a solvent like propane or butane, used to extract THC and other cannabinoids from the plant, leaving the plant material behind and leaving everything that gives the body the desired effects a connoisseur wants. Afterward, a purging process is undergone, which ensures the solvent used during production is not also concentrated in the final product. Voila, everything left behind is deemed “wax,” a concentrate as clean and pure as the original cannabis. The precise temperature during extraction and purging results in either wax or shatter, the only difference between wax and shatter is the temperature at which these processes are done.

How To Use a Wax Pen Vape For Dabbing Concentrates

Because it is so distilled, only a small amount is needed to feel a lasting effect. Many customers report a “dab” or a pin sized amount of wax, to be equivalent to smoking a whole joint in a second. However, unlike a joint, much less actual smoke needs to be inhaled, making it the most expedient method for anyone who cannot devote 10 minutes to a session. Vaporizing concentrates is also much more comfortable on the lungs of the consumer than combusting dry plant material.

How to Use a Wax Pen Vape

Reasons why to use a wax vape pen are numerous, but how is it done? Usually, the mouthpiece of the wax vape pen can be screwed off or popped off; then a dab tool should be used to grab a small amount of wax. Place carefully in the chamber, being sure not to pack too tightly and leaving room for airflow around the concentrate. Replace the mouthpiece, and turn on the device, some may need time to heat up to the proper temperature while others will be ready to go immediately. Most will have a button to press while the user inhales, stop pressing the button when done inhaling. Exhale and enjoy the immediate effects of the concentrate. The bigger the chamber, the less often it should need to be reloaded. Most models will provide several hits before a reload is necessary. Remember to keep the device upright during cool down, turning it before all product is vaporized can cause sticky residue to travel into the mouthpiece, making the next reloading more difficult and potentially clogging the mouthpiece, not to mention wasting valuable cannabis!


Atomizers are the heating elements in wax vape pens which elevate the temperature of the wax enough to vaporize it. The main types of materials used in almost all atomizers of wax vape pens are ceramic, titanium, and quartz, or some combination of the three.

How To Use a Wax Pen Vape For Dabbing Concentrates

Ceramic dish atomizers are preferred by many, the chance of lost product is minimal because the concentrate is heated from the bottom as well as the sides. Atomizers with quartz rods or titanium coils also work well, but sometimes the concentrate can drip beneath these heating elements as wax melts. Whichever atomizer a pen utilizes, those three materials are considered the most medically safe. Quartz and ceramic also have the advantage of not altering the taste of the concentrate. Infrequently titanium atomizers add a metallic taste if the product is heated too high, so when using titanium atomizers, it is imperative to pay attention to the temperature settings of the device to ensure clean, tasteless smoke.

The size of the atomizer will determine the amount of product which can be loaded into the chamber, the bigger the chamber, the less often it need be refilled between hits. Consider larger atomizers when the pen will be passed to friends over the course of a session. Fortunately, there is a diverse selection of Wax Vaporizer Pens on the Mile High Glass site to suit such occasions.

KandyPens Prism Plus Wax Pen Vaporizer

The KandyPens Prism Plus Wax Pen Vaporizer utilizes quality materials and durable design to ensure the enjoyment of the product lasts for years to come. Two glass mouthpieces prevent the concentrate from coming into contact with anything that could be absorbed into the body as the temperature rises, keeping the smoke pure and clean. Two types of atomizers are included, to honor the preference of the consumer, and this acknowledges the best atomizer can vary depending on the type of concentrate being vaporized. One is a ceramic dish, and the other contains dual quarts rods. The body of the pen is made of stainless steel, insulating the hand from heat and making it resistant to wear and tear. The battery can be charged with a micro USB cord, making it easy to find a replacement charging cord should you ever misplace the original. Multiple preset temperature settings are thoughtful and add variety needed to experience the full benefits of many types of concentrate. A small dab tool is included with a key-chain ring making it hard to misplace despite how compact it is. Versatility is king with this model, which is why it earns the “plus” over other offerings in the KandyPens brand. Whether trying a wax vape pen for the first time or already seasoned professional, this set includes everything needed except the wax itself.

Yocan Armor Ultimate Wax Vaporizer

How To Use a Wax Pen Vape For Dabbing Concentrates

A cost-effective pen doesn’t need to come without bells and whistles; the Yocan Revolve Wax Vaporizer Dab Pen proves this. Press the power button five times to turn on or off; the light will then blink three times signaling the pen has immediately achieved optimum temperature. The pen retains heat for ten seconds, a perfect amount of time to take a quick clean hit, hold the button down during inhalation. This standard low-temperature setting ensures full flavor of any type of wax shines through during consumption. The quartz dual rod atomizer can be easily cleaned, and the manufacturer recommends replacing every 6 months or so. A micro USB cord is included for charging, and the pen boasts a long battery life, which means charging will be infrequent.

Dr. Dabber Boost Portable

Enail Vaporizer For people who have always utilized water pipes when consuming cannabis, that signature bubbling sound when inhaling can be sorely missed. The benefit of a water chamber between the device and the consumer is the cooling of the smoke before it enters the body, the novelty of the sound has one recollecting their first bong rips. Choosing a wax vape pen instead of a water pipe doesn’t mean missing out on this ritualistic noise with the . This product comes with a glass water chamber attachment, which can be detached and cleaned easily. Included are all three types of atomizers, one ceramic, one quartz, and one titanium. Yet instead of filling a chamber over and over again the Dr. Dabber Boost works like a dab rig, utilizing Enail design so the owner may measure an exact amount of wax and dab many different strains one right after the next without mixing them. The designers included a magnetic dab tool and carb cap, ensuring concentrate may easily be placed on the nail, then covered with the carb cap to be sure no waste of smoke occurs if the hit cannot be completed in one breath. Professional cannabis companies often utilize this model when demoing product at private events; the Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer can work on the battery alone or while plugged in, ensuring the temperature of each hit is perfect no matter how continuous the use. The buyer can expect 50-60 uses off of the battery and only 30 seconds to heat up to 700℉, with a blue light indicator showing it is ready to go!

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentate Vaporizer

This unit is handmade in the United States and utterly different from any other wax vape pen. Charming, with a steam-punk aesthetic, made of wood and stainless steel with a glass draw stem, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer is as playful as it is functional. The orange indicator light under the lid the stainless steel plate signals conduction is happening, and a delicious draw is 3-5 seconds away. The atomizer is unique, as is every facet of the design. Fans of the Magic Flight brand appreciate the thoughtful quotes and beautiful engravings on the exterior of the Muad-Dib. The battery slides in and out functioning as the “button” so unless pressed directly and firmly into the box it will not power the device. This prevents the unit from ever vaping material accidentally, significantly reducing the potential for accidental waste of wax. Water chamber attachments and extra strength batteries are among the accessories available for this model. A felt-lined tin box keeps the Muad-Dib safe from scratching and stores all parts neatly together to ease quick portability.

Mile High Glass is very careful about which brands and products we sell, doing business since 2003, long before the “green rush” began. This means our vendor relationships are over ten years strong. The internet is vast, and while there are many places to buy wax vape pens, the quality selection of merchandise separates Mile High Glass from those merely trying to cash in on a trend. Cannabis use is not a trend, love for this plant is not a fad, and patrons deserve quality and high-tech devices worth the hard-earned cash invested in them. Each of the wax vape pen options featured above has their niche, and they will all get the job done beautifully. Happy vaping!

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