11 Smokin’ Wedding Planning Ideas for the Cannabis-Friendly Couple

"It’s a nice day for a weed wedding…"

Did you just get a marriage proposal? If so, congratulations! Now, that means it’s time to prepare. You may be surprised to know that many are trying to marry the cannabis industry with the wedding industry too. And why not?! In states where marijuana is legal, many businesses and vendors are comfortable helping to create upscale events to celebrate and incorporate your preferred party atmosphere.

Weed-themed weddings are no longer a pipe dream and can make for a smokin' idea for the cannabis-friendly couple. So, how can you and your soon-to-be spouse responsibly include a cannabis theme into your wedding, and in ways that are within your comfort level?

Check out these 11 suggestions that range from subtle and discreet to proudly extravagant weed-wedding planning ideas:

1. Set the Date: Nothing says "weed wedding" like getting hitched on 4/20. With this April 20, 2017 being on a Thursday, maybe walking down the aisle at exactly 4:20 p.m. might make better sense on a different day.

2. Weed-Friendly Wedding Planner: Consider seeking help from an experienced wedding planner who can help your cannabis wedding dreams come true. They do exist and are easily found online. Ask wedding planners whether they've ever done a weed wedding before as well as their favorite cannabis-friendly vendors, weed wedding features and any challenges they’ve come across while organizing cannabis-themed weddings.

3. Cannabis Wedding Expos: Attending this event in Denver, Portland or San Francisco offers some great ideas about incorporating weed into your wedding. The event showcases weed-friendly vendors, along with special cannabis-themed offerings like cannabis-infused floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. For the 2017 schedule of events.

4. Cannabis-Friendly Venue: Find a location that welcomes cannabis consumption in the reception area. There are plenty of venue options right here in Colorado, some in California, Washington, even Las Vegas and other areas around the country. If you can’t find a weed-friendly venue, look into limo or party bus options for a ride around the block, or set up a dedicated cannabis consumption lounge where guests can discreetly consume before returning to the reception.

5. Weeds in Fashion: How about walking down the aisle in a custom wedding gown made from a weed strain, or order bouquets and “budtonnieres” created with cannabis plant leaves and flowers? Many designers and florists find these natural plants a beautiful way to make a fashion statement.

6. Wedding Gifts & Party Favors: Surprise the bachelor or bachelorette and party friends with marijuana-related party favors such as cannabis leaf soap, edible chocolates, shot glasses or flasks. Wedding party gifts for a stoner bridesmaids and best men might include a unique or special glass pipe or decorative marijuana-leaf inspired jewelry, like cufflinks or pendant necklaces.

There’s an endless supply of gifts and party paraphernalia to compliment your wedding theme.

7. Budtender: Consider hiring a budtender to oversee your "cannabis bar". Similar to the way a bartender knows alcohol, how to mix and measure drinks, a budtender knows his/her way around cannabis -- including knowledge of different strains, what they do, the quality of the products and controlling consumption. Budtenders can also guide newbies, give recommendations to your wedding guests, load up bongs and pipes, help roll joints and manage the station for safety and comfort reasons.

8. Pot Leaf & Flower Arrangements: You can incorporate buds into your centerpieces or flower arrangements. Many florists, regardless of their opinions of cannabis, find the cannabis plant aesthetically pleasing, so this is a great way to add marijuana greenery and flower buds to your special day in a unique and decorative way.

9. Catering & Baked Goodies: Consider serving low-dose (no more than 5mg per serving) edibles such as pot-laced brownies, cupcakes or other baked goods -- but only if you’re having an adults-only celebration; otherwise, you may risk a child accidentally consuming cannabis. Controls can be set by giving each guest two tokens or tickets, so no one can consume more than can be managed. Have your budtender in charge to help and who can talk about and control the intake of your edible delights.

10. Toasts & Ceremony: A "toke" to the bride and groom: Light up after the speeches -- but consider whether children are attending the event -- in lieu of a champagne toast.

11. Honeymoon & Hotels: Looking for cannabis-friendly honeymoon options? Check out a B&B. And by that we mean a "Bud & Breakfast" hotel, lodge or resort where you can enjoy cannabis in an open, safe and warmly social setting. Some B&Bs will indulge you with gourmet wake+bake breakfasts. Others offer 4:20pm happy hours and special appetizers, munchies and more. You can find locations and beautiful Bud and Breakfast cannabis-friendly accommodations worldwide, including properties in Colorado, California, Alaska, Jamaica and more.

Offering cannabis at your wedding may take some logistical planning to make sure everything goes smoothly but, ultimately the day belongs to you and your beloved as you’re united in holy marijuana-mony.