Understanding The Difference in Glass Pipes, Bongs, and How To Clean Them
Come with us as we explore the difference in different styles of glass pipes. From bongs, & spoons, to chillums, & bubblers, and learn how to clean them.
THCA Diamonds: What are They & How Are They Made?
what exactly are THC-A diamonds, and what is the origin? Like many others, if you have been asking yourself the same thing, then you've come to the right place, as I am about to give you the lowdown on the concentrate that yields the highest high.
Vaping CBD: The Latest Trends With Vapers
Vaping has become extremely popular around the world in recent years. Since it’s so effective in helping people to quit smoking, vapes have become a very important pastime.
Dabs & Concentrates May Be Leaving Flower Sales Up In Smoke
There is a shift in the cannabis industry away from smoking flowers and buds. Concentrates, dabs, wax, shatter, and rosin are gaining in popularity.
Why It Can Help to Understand Marijuana & Headshop Terminology
Learning to lingo for the headshop and marijuana industry can make your visit to your local head shop or cannabis dispensary much easier.
11 Smokin’ Wedding Planning Ideas for the Cannabis-Friendly Couple
Cannabis friendly weddings are growing in popularity as legal states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon change the way using cannabis is viewed.
Cannabis Social Clubs : What Are They, and Why Are They So Popular?
As more states pass laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis use has become more common among the general population. However, many of these people have found themselves caught in a dilemma as laws regarding where cannabis may be consumed...
4:20 Ways To Celebrate 420 With Music, Movies, & Munchies
Whether you want to delve into cannabis-related music, movies, or just enjoy some good munchies, here are a few good ways to celebrate 420 this year.
Cannabis Culture In Latin America
It is undeniable that cannabis production, engineering and consumption have all developed exponentially over the last decade. Nowadays, people can find endless amounts of strains, as well as a wide variety of products derived from them. If you are fortunate...
Marijuana Brands to Watch Out For In 2019
Every part of the marijuana market has been steadily growing as recreational and medical marijuana legalization sweeps across America. This has led to the birth of numerous businesses looking to cash in on one of the fastest-growing markets in the...
Beginner's Guide To Edibles: Where to buy Them & How To Make Them
With Marijuana becoming medically and recreationally legal in many states and countries, a lot more people have started to show interest in using it. However, not everyone wants to smoke marijuana due to health and safety concerns. Fortunately, there are...
What's The Best Method To Consume Cannabis?
   The number of ways one can consume cannabis grows with each passing year, however, there are a few common methods that many marijuana aficionados use in mass, those being hand pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers. While it’s easy to...
Top Cannabis Social Media Influencers of 2020
For most avid social media users, finding people to follow is pretty simple. Influencers abound and are incredibly easy to find, no matter how niche your interest. 
Marijuana Prices Across The US 2017
US marijuana prices vary greatly from State to State and regions. This list of United States weed prices breaks cost down to each American region.
Budtenders More Than A Pretty Face
Budtenders of the past were nothing more than a pretty face. However as the cannabis industry has evolved so has the role of the budtender.
Russian Collusion : A Welcome Distraction From Cannabis
With everyone focusing on Russian collusion by the current administration, it seems to be taking some of the heat off of the cannabis industry.
First Time Cannabis Users : A Guide
Using cannabis for the first time can be overwhelming to some. Check out this short guide to help you make your first marijuana experience a pleasant one.
Successful Stoners or Lazy Potheads
Unbeknownst to many, the illegality of cannabis was due to racist inspirations. Today the cannabis stigma of lazy pot heads is being changed State by State.
Celebrities & Cannabis: License To Nug
As the cannabis industry progresses we are seeing more and more celebrities use their star power to license and promote cannabis products.
Women & Cannabis - A Growing Market
Women are starting to dominate the face of legal cannabis. From being consumers to caregivers to activists, and entrepreneurs.
US Marijuana Laws 2017
Here is a complete list of the current marijuana laws across the US for 2017. From Medical to recreational, to illegal States, here's a complete list.