American Glass Expo 2017 Showcasing Creative, Innovative & Best-In-Glass

If you haven’t heard of this special glass industry event that’s because it’s by Invitation Only! You would think that it would be a small event due to its selective nature but, since its inception back in 2009, this private crowd of glass and glassware product makers and sellers has grown immensely. You will see pictures and comments all over social media and online with the thousands of people who are attending.

For us, at Mile High Glass Pipes, it’s offered us a privileged look at the new trends in glass products and supplies, as well as the changes in glass making and blowing techniques. At this event, year after year, we have seen the changes in the processes and some amazing, creative artistic innovations and styles. While this event will showcase all sorts of glass-made and hand-made products, it’s the glass pipes that catch our eyes. With our customers no longer feeling the need to hide their smoke pipes under-the-table they are now looking at some of their purchases as pieces of functioning art and keeping them on display on-top-of-the-table.

So, if you haven’t been invited, it’s time to find a friend who is a glass buyer, distributor, store owner, manufacturer or material supplier and get yourself involved so you can go see for yourself. AGE (American Glass Expo) has 3 events per year. This is the first for the 2017 season, with more to come.

The 2017 Winter AGE expo started today and will go until January 25. The event is being held at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, NV. To see a list of some of the glass and glassware for show, AGE has an interactive, real-time map showing the floorplan of vendors and booths:

The next 2017 AGE events will be the Spring expo in May 10-11 at Dallas Market Center (North Hall) in Dallas, TX and then the Summer expo will be back in Las Vegas, details coming soon.