Top Cannabis Social Media Influencers of 2020-21

For most avid social media users, finding people to follow is pretty simple. Influencers abound and are incredibly easy to find, no matter how niche your interest. In the online weed community, that continues to hold true. Aspiring Weedstagrammers and WeedTubers are everywhere looking to make some passive income with internet cash.

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Whether you’re looking to be educated about marijuana by some of the top minds in the community, wanting to check out what’s new on the market, or just want to enjoy a smoke-along with someone taking huge rips, there’s something for everyone. But it can be hard to find influencers who consistently put out high-quality, interesting content, especially if you’re new to the weed community. For those of you who are still trying to find your fav, I’ve put together a list of some of the biggest names and rising influencers in the online weed community.

Dabbing Granny

If you're not familiar with , then it's high time you acquaint yourself. Dabbing Granny is a wholesome older lady who advocates for and educates the public about cannabis. At 920K followers on Instagram, she‘s become a well-known cannabis personality. Her fans enjoy watching her take hits from her dab rig and discussing a variety of topics surrounding marijuana and its legal use. They also enjoy being able to see the adventures that Dabbing Granny goes on to various places while—you guessed it—dabbing.

She’s a cornerstone of the community and many people love her relatable personality and accessible advocacy. If you asked, many of her fans would probably agree that she’s the cool granny that they always wanted.

Mr. Purple Gloves

is something special. Potentially the most eccentric and entertaining person on this list, he definitely cares about marijuana and the culture around it. He’s a 420 reviewer and cannabis entertainer who does things you’d never expect.

While Mr. Purple Gloves is largely beloved for his hilarious, easy-going personality, he’s also pretty savvy and crafty. He pleases his fans by finding the craziest thing he can smoke out of and turning it into a makeshift rig. I was introduced to him on Instagram through this hilarious video of him . If you’re wondering if he ate it afterwards, I already had the pleasure of getting an answer through from him through Instagram. (He did eat it, and apparently it tasted great.) You can also see some of his other inventions, like his watermelon rig, or him dabbing through an ice cream cake, or smoking a blunt through a muffin. He’s truly unique, and his fans love it.

Aside from his smoking videos, he also introduces his followers to a lot of top-shelf, exclusive marijuana brands and products. Mr. Purple Gloves is a pretty cool dude and really funny. If you’re interested in hilarious weed content and love to laugh while you’re high, then you should definitely give him a follow.


is a popular cannabis youtuber. He’s more of a classic type of stoner with an eccentric personality to match. Pushing over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone, he’s known for taking giant hits from bongs and large dabs that should surpass the capability of the human lungs—and also follow-up videos of him coughing for almost 8 minutes. Some of his classic videos are “” and “”

While this type of content isn’t for everyone, a lot of people really enjoy watching him test his limits and either love or hate his intro. Recently, he’s mainly been posting unboxing videos and reviews of products as well as dispensary walkthroughs where he introduces his subscribers to his favorite places to shop for weed. Sometimes you can catch him over on his Twitch channel playing popular games like Fortnite while getting stoned with his fans. For those of you curious about whether that’s legal, according to Twitch, as long as you’re following the laws in your state then you’re fine. If you're the type that likes to chill and watch people smoke and play games, then CustomGrow420 might be for you.

Koala Puffs

is an entertainer first and foremost. Her fans love her stoner antics and goofy yet charming personality. Much like Mr. Purple Gloves, Koala Puffs is known for taking some questionable yet entertaining hits from homemade rigs like her 1G Double Nose Dab. She also makes short weed-related skits and gets silly while getting high with her friend and fellow marijuana influencer MacDrizzle420. (You may know MacDrizzle as a cofounder of The Weed Tube.) When she's not goofing around, she's sharing photos and videos of her favorite cannabis products and equipment with her fans.

Pot Brothers At Law

Instagram is an account that every cannabis enthusiast should be following, especially if you live outside of a legal state and enjoy cannabis. They're a law firm that specializes in representing California businesses and individuals with cannabis-related legal issues as well as aiding those same businesses with the licensing process. Outside of the fact that Craig and Marc, the “pot brothers,” are a great resource for those seeking representation in California, they also educate their followers on social media about the law.

Unlike traditional lawyers, people like The Pot Brothers At Law so much because they're generally smoking weed while providing valuable legal information. (This video is a great—and hilarious—example.)

The Pot Brothers At Law provide the cannabis community with a necessary service while also being consummately entertaining. Definitely give them a look.

Snoop Dogg

If you’ve been conscious for any period of time since the ‘90s, then you know who Snoop Dogg is. For all two of you who have no clue who I’m talking about, Snoop Dogg is a former gangster rapper turned social media personality and cannabis advocate. You can catch Snoop Dogg on Instagram and Twitter sharing videos of himself smoking, memes, and whatever else is on his mind. He's an OG for sure, and that's why a lot of people enjoy him and his content.

Weed Channel Influencers

While Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular places to find cannabis content, there are a lot of people sharing cannabis content in other places across the web. YouTube is a good place to start, with a lot of people like HaleyIs Soarex (previously Haley420) creating content of themselves doing things like smoking seven joints at once. However, many like HaleyIs have gotten banned by YouTube and have been forced to remake their accounts. So while there are cannabis creators on youtube, they’re often getting their accounts banned as youtube doesn’t seem to like marijuana use on its platform. Because of this sites like instagram and twitter have become more popular, but users are facing similar issues there. To get around this people in the community have started to host their own content or create complete different sites as a whole for the community to share with each other on. One of those places that a lot of rising influences is the marijuana community have started to migrate to is The Weed Tube. It’s pretty similar to Youtube but offers cannabis influencers and content creators the opportunity to upload marijuana content without fear of it getting taken down.

Cannabis influencers are on the rise on platforms like instagram and Twitter, while serious affiliates have an online blog or create a website. While some people enjoy just watching them smoke weed, they also fill an important role in the community as advocates and educators. I only just scratched the surface in this article. If you want a detailed, hilarious rundown of even more big names in weed content, check out these .


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