Smoking Satan Bong Review

Simple, compact, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, the Smoking Satan is a water pipe that gets the job done and looks darn good while it does it. Topped by a heady-inspired demon head, the curved beaker design of this piece maximizes water volume, allowing for a pipe that hits smoother than one would expect of a bong this size. Standing roughly 7” tall from base to tip, the Smoking Satan makes a great desk-side companion for PC gamers as well as those with home offices. Its size and angle of use also make it an equally effective piece for those who prefer to relax by sitting on the couch and exerting minimal effort, as one could easily utilize this water pipe without having to break eye contact with one’s television. The diameter of the base is also wide for the bong’s dimensions, enough so that tipping it over seems quite difficult. 

The Smoking Satan features a natural, or built-in, downstem that bolsters the piece’s already commendable convenience factor. This downstem is topped by a normal, 14mm female socket, ensuring that you can equip your favorite 14mm bowls and attachments to this pipe, truly making it your own. Additionally, there are a number of glass “marbles” protruding from the base that enhance grip and giving the bong quite a nice hand-feel and myself an easier greater degree of confidence while carrying or passing it. In regard to percolation, the Smoking Satan’s natural downstem features no additional percolation devices within it but the downstem narrows significantly at the point where it enters the water, ensuring a smooth hit by passing less smoke through the water at any given time. The glass also feels quite sturdy throughout the entire piece and the joint work was done exceptionally, the craftsmanship that went into creating this piece truly shines through there. 

In regard to my personal experience with this piece, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I’ve always been more of a big bong kinda guy and all the bongs I own reflect that, but this piece has me considering buying another of a similar size. The designer of the Smoking Satan appears to have found a great equilibrium between percolation and volume, as this water pipe hits incredibly smooth despite having any additional percolation devices aside from the downstem. The standard percolation in conjunction with the bong’s smaller overall volume (at least compared to what I’m used to) make this a great tasting piece as well.

As far as downsides go, the only one I can think of is the fact that you have to pour the water out through the mouth piece unlike most bongs with natural downstems. But as long as you keep the bong clean, that’s really not much of an issue. If you want to check this piece out for yourself you can do so here, and as always, thanks for reading and keep it a mile high.