The Pros of Legalizing Cannabis in The UK


The second most offensive “C-word” in the U.K.

As it stands, cannabis is classed as a class B drug and carries with it a prison sentence of up to 5 years for possession and up to 14 years for supply and production. In 2019, one of the most liberal times in all of human history, it is odd that other drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal while cannabis is not.

This article doesn’t seek to persuade people to use cannabis nor does it try to put cannabis on a heavenly plateau. It will simple look at 5 compelling arguments as to why it should be legal in the U.K.


One of the biggest reasons those against cannabis lead with is that cannabis isn’t safe and in the wrong hands can cause injury or worse (read: death).

But isn’t that everything?

If I were to put a spoon into the right hands, somebody would probably eat breakfast or serve soup at a retirement home. If I put a spoon into the wrong hands we could have situation where a bank is being robbed -- I’m not even kidding.

With this argument in mind, if cannabis was legalised, it could be regulated and dispensed to users safely. Eradicating poisonous strands and dealers who mix it with other substances that produce disastrous effects.


According to a recent report from Health Poverty Action, legalising cannabis could earn the treasury up to £3.5bn in tax revenues.

£3.5bn is a whole heap of change.

It could be used to plug the various gaps in U.K services from the NHS and homelessness to even fighting the growing problem of pollution within the capital.
Medicinal uses:

Cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD) which scientists have found works very well as a medical treatment for certain illnesses.

However there is still great debate and resistance against these treatments simply because of the stigma attached to cannabis.

If cannabis was legalised, it would allow for more treatments like Savitex (which is prescribed for those suffering with MS), to be readily available to patients.

The economy:

The legalisation of cannabis would bring about a wealth of new jobs, for example a “Director of Cultivation”. Growing healthy cannabis is both a science and an art which would need more than just an average joe to produce on a mass scale.

New businesses would be created to cater to this new demand; whether it be special cannabis delivery services and of course shop employees selling the cannabis.

Don’t get left behind:

Sometimes the crowd does know better.

There are a multitude of countries across Europe that have either legalised or relaxed their laws on cannabis.

We’re talking Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal - the list goes on and on.

So why not the U.K?

Is it not better to look to these countries and assess the benefits and advantages that cannabis legalisation has created before condemning it entirely?

This is a question politicians and the U.K government will need to ask themselves.