How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma

Oklahoma recently voted in medical marijuana, leaving many residents curious regarding how they can get approved for a medical marijuana card as well as the laws surrounding the subject. Luckily for those who have stumbled upon this article, I’m here to explain the ins and outs of Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana system. Whether you’re a prospective patient, a potential cannabis industry professional, or simply an individual in search of insight, my aim is to provide you with the information you seek.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

On June 26,2018, Oklahoma voted to approve a bill that allows qualifying individuals to use medical marijuana, and as of August 26, 2018, prospective patients will be able to apply for medical marijuana licenses. Like other states before it, Oklahoma requires prospective patients to undergo an application process. However, the Sooner State has adopted an approach to it that differs slightly from those utilized by its predecessors. For starters, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (abbreviated OSDH) is creating an entirely new regulatory office ( the OMMA) to oversee all matters relating to their medical marijuana licensing program. From the reception of applications to the approval of said applications. Whether you want to become a patient, grower, caregiver or any other part of the medical marijuana industry, the OMMA will be handling your paperwork.

To be approved for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, you must be a state resident and at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, you must receive the signature of a physician on an official OMMA form stating that you’re in need of medical marijuana. However, for those under 18, it’s still possible to apply for a medical marijuana license if you are able to receive the signature of a second physician. Should your application be approved, your license will be good for a whopping two whole years, as opposed to the one year validity period employed by other States that have adopted 420-friendly legislature. Applying for a medical marijuana license carries an application fee of $100, however, qualifying applicants who receive Medicare, Medicaid, or SoonerCare benefits will have a reduced application fee of only $20. To make things even more convenient, the application process can be started online by visiting

Those who are approved for medical marijuana licenses will be able to:

  • Designate a MMJ caregiver to purchase or grow marijuana on their behalf
  • Grow up to six mature cannabis plants as well as up to six seedlings at their private residence
  • Possess up to one ounce of marijuana concentrates
  • Possess up to 72 ounces of cannabis infused edibles
  • Store up to eight ounces of marijuana at home
  • Possess up to a three ounces of cannabis in public

Qualifying Medical Conditions For Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma

By now, some of you may have noticed that I’ve yet to mention what medical conditions qualifies an Oklahoma resident for a medical marijuana license. Well, that because the OMMA has outlined no particular qualifying medical conditions, to the dismay of many lawmakers and residents alike. This may also be a point of concern for prospective patients who may be left in the dark regarding whether or not their medical condition, or conditions, will qualify them for a medical marijuana card. At the moment, it is believed that doctors will be able to recommend medical marijuana for virtually any condition that they see fit, but the language of the legislature is expected to be changed at some point to adopt more stringent regulation on this matter. Needless to say, Oklahoma has a lot of details to refine in the future in regard to their medical marijuana application program.

Licensing for Medical Marijuana Businesses in Oklahoma

Whether you desire to pursue a career as a medical marijuana grower, processor, or dispensary owner, you must also apply through the OMMA as you would for a medical marijuana license. Qualified applicants must be an Oklahoma resident that is least 25 years of age, registered to conduct business in the Sooner State at the time of application, and prospective Businesses must have 25% or less ownership of their cannabis industry businesses staked by out of state partners. The application fee for businesses is $2,500.00.

We will be tracking the state of Oklahoma’s newly established cannabis industry, so keep an eye out for future blog posts, check, or call 405-271-2266 for up to date information on the Sooner State’s developing medical marijuana program. To those of interested parties, I hope this article was able to shine some light on the topic of MMJ in OK and as always, keep it a mile high.

How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma

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