Ak-47 Glass Rifle Bong

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Many stoners and tokers enjoy using bongs for smoking concentrated cannabis, thanks to their ease of use, water filtration, and popularity. 

If you’re a stoner who truly appreciates water pipes for what they are and have a thing for guns, then look no further than the AK-47 glass rifle bong. 

AK-47 Design Water Pipe

The AK-47 glass rifle bong hits with deadly accuracy and is sure to pacify even the most seasoned smokers. With this gun-shaped water pipe bong, there's no need to fret about impressing your friends as it's guaranteed to give you the best hits. 

The AK-47 water bong is 21 inches tall with a 4-inch wide base and a long straight tube neck. The pipe filters the smoke through the slit percolator so that it doesn’t burn your lips and throat. 

Durable Glass Material

Most stoners go for accessories that can last longer and not break after a few uses. The AK-47 is made from durable borosilicate glass. This gives the bong a solid feel while using it. 

However, the durability of the pipe depends on how it’s handled. If managed properly, then it can last pretty long, but if not, you’ll find yourself shopping for a new bong in no time. 

Two Different Colors

The AK-47 glass rifle bongs come in two different colors. You can choose to buy a gold fumed bong or a smokey gray one. Regardless of the color, the function is still the same. 

The AK-47 Bong hits with deadly accuracy, sure to deliver a headshot to even the most seasoned smokers! This loaded waterpipe stands 21 inches tall with a 4-inch wide base, long straight tube neck. Smoke is first filtered through a slit downstem percolator and smoked through the barrel of this glass gun into your lungs. The large glass AK-47 water pipe is a sure-fire standout in any collection.

  • Height: 21 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: Glass

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