Vape pen hard case

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ABOUT THE VAPE PEN HARD CASE Vape pens are the most fragile type of vaporizer and during travel are more susceptible to taking damage due to shock. This problem is now solved with the Vape Pen Hard Case from CloudTen. With the Vape Pen Hard Case your device and its accessories are safely housed in a shock absorbing and discreet package. The 6” x .6” padded foam interior holds your device in place to prevent unwanted movements during transport, preventing damage to the internal components of the device. A rigid exterior is crush resistant and will help keep your vape pen dry should you find yourself in inclimate weather. TRAVEL READY The Vape Pen Hard Case measures 7.0” x 5.0” x 2.0” so it can conveniently fit in any bag or large pocket. This case can be safely stored in any room, and a built in area to attach a lanyard or carabiner makes it ideal for camping or hiking trips. With a solid black design the Vape Pen Hard Case can be carried by hand without drawing any unwanted attention. SMELL PROOF SEAL CloudTen lined the interior of the Vape Hard Case with a solid silicone base that connects with a dense rim liner to securely keep smells inside of the case. Heavy duty latches keep the top firmly in place against the silicone to ensure a secure trip. An airtight screw valve is available to adjust the pressure, depending on your pen size.

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