Polygon Herb Grinder Gold 63mm

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Waxmaid 4-Piece Polygon Herb Grinder is made of Aluminum Alloy material. It's durable, lightweight, and efficient! It always gets the job done. The two pieces on top are for grinding, featuring a magnetic lid with 35 razor-sharp teeth that grind your buds to the perfect consistency every time. Followed by a screen and kief catch, the screen under the teeth catches the grind while allowing pollen to collect in a separate compartment on the bottom, making the most of your buds and preventing any waste. 
 A polygon with a silver edge design is attractive, nonstick, and low friction. It's one of the must-collect grinders in your life!

  • Net Weight: 145g
  • Size: 63mm width (2.5 inches), 45mm height (1.8 inches)
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

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