Terp Slurper - What Is It - How to Use One

Terp Slurper - What Is It - How to Use One

Just as the products in the legal cannabis industry continue to evolve, the devices available to consume them are evolving, too. Cannabis consumers are creative and always exploring new ways to get the most out of their products. The terp slurper is the perfect example of “stoner innovation.”

Dabbing Basics
Learning how to consume hash oil can be intimidating. There is a broad range of tools and terminology typically used to vaporize hash oil. Let’s review some of the basics,

  • Dab Straw – maybe the simplest tool for dabbing. This is just a glass straw which the consumer heats with a torch, then gently “dabs” the tip into the hash oil, inhaling the vapor from the opposite end.
  • Dab Rig – this is generally a table-top glass water pipe, but they may also be made from silicon, porcelain, or even plastic. These devices may resemble other bongs and water pipes, and even be interchangeable depending on the accessories you use.
  • Accessories – various buckets, nails, domes, and caps to suit the consumer’s style of dab rig. Also referred to as “bangers.”

   With a dab rig, consumers have a range of buckets, nails, and domes or caps to choose from. The style may be dependent on what kind of hash oil is being consumed, while the shape may be dependent on the style of dab rig it is being used on. Different angles may be necessary based on the shape of the stem in the pipe.

The terp slurper is the next innovation in dabbing accessories.

What Exactly is a Terp Slurper?
   A terp slurper is a new design on an old method of dabbing. While buckets have been common for several years, this style of bucket helps ensure less wasted product regardless of the size of the dab consumed.

   Similar to a traditional bucket, the terp slurper has an additional tube leading down to an open tray, or skillet. Small slits in the bottom of the tube allow airflow to continuously flow as the consumer inhales, creating a vacuum which constantly “percolates” the shatter, wax, or resin. With a dome or cap, the percolation keeps the oil moving over the heated surface, preventing burning the product and allowing more time for the vapor to be inhaled.

   The biggest advantage of this innovative new design of quartz banger is it allows for complete usage of the product even in large doses. In addition, by preventing burning, the airflow created by the slits in the bottom dish improves the overall flavor of the dab.

Buying and Maintaining a Terp Slurper
   Purchasing a terp slurper is no different than purchasing other buckets and bangers. The most important part is ensuring you buy the right adapter for your rig, both in fit and shape.

  To maintain a new banger, clean with an alcohol swab after each use. Don’t apply hash oil to a glowing red bucket, this can create toxic fumes, as well as, quickly burn your product and ruin the banger.
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