Dab Nails & Domes

Dab rig nails and domes are an easy way to take your new rig to the next level. Most standard oil rigs come with glass parts to dab from. These glass parts are typically made of pyrex and will function well for light use. Although pyrex glass nails and domes will serve their purpose of allowing you to dab your favorite concentrates, they do not function near as well as quartz nails, ceramic nails, or even titanium nails.

Replacement domes and nails come in three measured sizes, 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm. These fitting sizes are usually applied according to the size of the dab rig. Smaller rigs and pocket pieces will have a 10mm fitting. The largest majority of oil rigs made today will have a 14mm fitting on them. It will fit on smaller pieces all the way up to larger pieces. 18Mm is typically used on larger glass rigs and will take the heaviest of use.

Gender refers to male or female fittings. Female nails will have a fitting that goes in, and male nails will stick out. You use a male nail to go into a female fitting and a female nail to go over a male fitting. The sizes apply to each of these female and male fittings as well.

The following sizes are what you will typically see on most oil rigs in today's market

  • 10mm Female
  • 10mm Male
  • 14mm Female
  • 14mm Male
  • 18mm Female
  • 18mm Male

        Which material is best for my new dab nail?


        Quartz Is the most popular material used for modern dab rig nails. Quartz is known for its even heat and its ability to hold a high temperature, perfect for smooth dabs. Quartz also does not affect your concentrates' flavor, so you get to taste all of the natural terpenes.


        Ceramic nails are literally made of ceramic materials. Ceramic nails do not stay warm as long as other nail styles but are considered inert in nature. They will give you the true flavor profile of whatever concentrate you are dabbing.


        Titanium nails were the earl winners of the dab nail race. They are extremely durable and will literally last a lifetime. You can superheat them to clean between uses, and they retain heat exceptionally well. They have been the workhorse of the concentrate rig industry for many years.

        Dome or Domeless

        Whether or not you use a dome when dabbing depends on what style of nail you choose. Domes were commonplace a few years ago, and still today, many dab rigs come with nails & domes. When using a traditional nail and dome, you will remove the dome while heating the nail, then replace the concentrate pipe dome and insert your dab through the hole in the top of the dome. With a domeless nail set up, you don't need a dome. You heat the nail and then take a dab. Most aftermarket nails are going to be domeless. Going domeless simplifies the process of taking a dab and also makes one less thing that has the ability to break.

        Explain the different types of nails

        Hands down, the most popular dab rig replacement nail is a quartz banger. Quartz bangers are obviously made of quartz, and they usually have a 90-degree bent tube that attaches the bucket and the joint. They come in varying thicknesses from 2mm up to 6mm. The thicker the quartz banger bucket, the longer it will retain heat. To use a quartz banger, you will heat the bucket and then use a dabber to dab your concentrates into the bucket. Quartz bangers do not use a dome and can come in all major sizes and genders.

        The most popular titanium nails are of a straight type of design. Some fit either female or male joints, while others will fit every gender type and joint size. Titanium usually is made of solid stock that is milled down with a CNC machine. The machining process gives it its shape and size. These nails will have a skillet-shaped lip around the top of the nail where you will dab your favorite waxes and shatters. Some options will include removable skillets and 6 in 1 designs.

        Just like their titanium counterparts, ceramic nails are typically the same square design. They will come in either a male or female design that will fit both 14mm and 18mm. Some more elaborate ceramic nail designs have movable buckets called “honey buckets.” These tend to cost significantly more than the standard straight style design.

        Different Types of Dab Rig Domes

        Since most basic model dab rigs come with a dome and glass nail, an easy upgrade is a dome itself. Most of the basic domes will be a blown-out bubble design. They function but are plain in looks and functionality. Firstly you can upgrade the look of your dome. It could be as simple as a full-color glass dome that is still the single bubble design or a fully worked glass dome full-color glass design. Secondly, the shape of the dome can be upgraded. We see a lot of customers upgrade their dab rigs domes to the straight style dome. It makes it, so you don't have to remove the dome when heating the nail, and it directs the airflow straight down. You can also get a slanted straight dome to make it easier to place your dabber on the nail.

        With what seems like endless options to upgrade your dab rig nails and domes, we specifically curate the most popular design of dab rig parts to make it easier for you to choose that perfect oil rig nail or dome.

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