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      Now that you have got your new rig, it is time to make your sessions more intense. Dabbing requires a lot more than just the basics—it is the additional features that make it worthwhile. In this regard, you might ask—what would that be? How can one increase their dabbing game?

      The answer, Chico, lies in the accessories. Your concentrate needs to be as smooth and as smokable as it can be. For this, you will have to make solid investments with your accessories. How do you go about this? What kind of accessories are we talking about? Keep reading. 

      What are Dab Accessories?

      If we had to oversimplify, dab accessories would mean inventories that supplement or aid in your dabbing experience. Still, confused? Think of it as a bodybuilder thinks about creatine. Sure, you can get a decent physique, but creatine helps make it better. 

      Similarly, you can obviously find workarounds to dab, but with accessories, you are bound to get a more fruitful experience. There are two major upsides to this (other than reading this fantabulous piece, of course).

      First, these accessories come in various shapes, sizes, constructions, feel—what have you. Once we start elucidating on the types and further details, you will see how spoiled you are going to be with the choices at hand. 

      Second, these accessories are available at a myriad of prices. So much so that it can be tagged as a spectrum itself. Dab accessories are available over price ranges so wide that you would feel there is something for you at every price segment. 

      So, what are these dab accessories? Let’s delve into a few of them. 

      Infrared Thermometers

      As you know, dabbing is most appropriate if done at appropriate temperatures. This is where infrared thermometers come into play. By giving you the ability to control your heating temperatures, you can get the most out of your dabs. 

      Don’t get us wrong. These are pretty sophisticated machines that come at relatively affordable prices. They are not to be trifled with, at all. With sound alert systems, temperature monitor alerts, and so on, infrared thermometers are one of those accessories to be looked out for.

      Terp Timer

      You’ll obviously need a timer too, if you wish to be informed that your stuff is ready to be dabbed. For this, the terp timer is just about the right thing. With its advanced systems and quick temperature notifying algorithms, it can send in messages to you as to when your banger has reached optimum temperature.

      To make things even better, this comes at a pretty affordable price too. Even better? Options, options, and options. For the ardent smoker, this market is paradise. 

      Concentrate Dabber

      Another accessory that helps bypass major inconveniences is the concentrate dabber. When you will load concentrates, you might have that predisposition to get it all over your fingers. The sticky situation that it puts you in is really uncalled for. 

      With a concentrate dabber, you can now just load your concentrates without laying a finger at all (pun intended). This becomes one of the super important accessory ingredients to making a great dabbing experience. 

      Waffle Makers

      Let’s take a moment to digress from the main idea here. We mean, it is obvious that you will need munchies when you are experiencing that cloud-9 feel. For this, you have it covered. Waffle makers that are easy to make? Heck yes. Some gourmet stuff in the form of munchies? Sign us up. 

      This actually goes a lot beyond banal breakfasts, if you think about it. The cannabis leaf design is ideal for other stuff too. Pizzas, Cinnamon rolls, and of course, variations of the classic waffle. 

      Power Docks

      Coming back from our munchie break, we almost forgot to mention—if you are a smoker who travels a fair bit, you will most definitely want to consider the power dock. This is a wireless charger that provides a secure home base for your Peak Pro chamber. 

      The other massive selling proposition here? The USB. This power dock works as a portable charger, which you can make the most of with your ‘ready mode’ enabled. This not only charges up your device easily, but does so only at the click of a button. 

      Carb Caps

      You’ll have to, at some point, lift those heavy wax globes with one end. At the same time, you will have to cap your quartz banger with the other. This is where the carb cap comes into play. It makes the overall process pretty simple, thereby saving you time and a load of hassle. 

      Cyclone Bubble Carb Cap 

      If you want to take it up more notches, you can try experimenting with some trippy options too. For instance, cyclone bubble carb caps are pretty useful and, dare we say, aesthetically appealing devices too. In most other cases of quartz bangers, the concentrate vaporises pretty easily. 

      Not here. The cyclone bubble carb cap prevents the smoke from doing so, and keeps every bit of concentrate inside the glass piece. This makes it one of the most sought-after accessories. 

      Dab Accessory Tools

      Oftentimes, you will be facing the cumbersome issue of removing heavy blobs of wax. This use case might fall short with regards to how dextrous the carb cap can be. Fret not, for the dab accessory tool is here.

      With this, you can now expect to remove all that tar and extra wax with ease. Not only that, but removing dallops has become a time-saving process entirely. The dab accessory tool is a must-have accessory, if time and convenience are important factors for you. 

      Hybrid Inhalation Accessories

      Finally, let’s just touch upon some of the most advanced pieces of tech around. We don’t intend to digress from the conservative accessory approach here. But we can’t help it either. Here’s why. 

      The Volcano Hybrid, for instance, comes with a new dual-inhalation system that allows users to enjoy vapor with a classic balloon bag or whip delivery system. This not only makes heating times up to 10 times faster, but also comes with an app that provides massive control over your usage. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

      Not just that, but the flavour production is impeccable. When folks said that machines are going to take over—we honestly don’t mind if we get such impressive products too. 

      Materials for Dabbing

      Now that we have covered the widest range of accessories that you can procure, let’s talk about materials too. Dabbing, as you know, requires temperature management and a sensible sense of energy expenditure. Not just for pragmatic reasons, but to also get the most out of your flavour. 

      This is why the kind of material used across various accessories becomes super important. Fret not, each material has its own sets of properties and ways to be used. It is a win-win proposition for you, from all angles. But it is always good to know about the materials, so here it is. 


      Hey, don’t confuse this with silicone. Silicone is for those tech nerds—silicone? For us. Either way, these are some of the most insane properties that silicone has, and why it makes for a good dabbing material.

      • Doesn’t Stick: Silicone is inert and lacks the properties that would enable it electrically or otherwise. What does this mean? It means that you won’t get those dallops that are absolutely annoying. 
      • Heat Resistant: Silicone is extremely heat-resistant. Maybe that is why it is so popular among dabbers. Despite catching hot and sticky residues, this won’t budge. 
      • Doesn’t Break: Speaking of budge, silicone is extremely resistant to physical abrasions too. Not only in terms of structural integrity, but also does not bend to reckless handling either. These accessories are extremely value-for-money.


      Ooh, the fancy stuff. Titanium surely gets placed inside parts of an aircraft, but moreover, there is something for the smoker too. 

      • Temperature Tolerance: There is no doubt that titanium has the ability to generate and hold the highest of temperatures when heated. This is used really smartly when it comes to nails and other accessories that require ignition. 
      • Durability: As we mentioned, being able to tolerate air pressures at aircraft-altitudes should be dividend enough as to why it can be used here too. Titanium accessories are pretty durable, let’s not even go into debates. 


      If heat holding is your requirement, then don’t look beyond ceramic. Ceramic accessories are pretty good, and for the following reasons. 

      • Heat Retention: This is a pretty good feature to have, because owing to this, you can get longer dabbing sessions. Use ceramic nails and bowls if you wish to retain that higher temperature for longer. 
      • Flexibility: Ceramic is highly modular in nature. Owing to this, if you are seeking the most varied of products, then ceramic is your way to go. Ceramic bowls are one of the most modular things around, and judging by the number of products that come in ceramic, it shows. 

      Final Words

      Phew! That was one pretty comprehensive insight into dabbing and all sorts of accessories that you can get for yourself. Now that you are aware of it all, why don’t you—get them all! Happy dabbing!

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