Vaping Kratom: A Complete Guide for 2021

Vaping Kratom: A Complete Guide for 2021

Vaping and Kratom are two highly discussed topics and are buzzing during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. The turbulence of 2020 has kept all of us on edge, and the sensation of vaping with the satisfaction of Kratom might be the best blend to make 2021 far less stressful of a year.

But, Kratom isn’t generally consumed in vape form, so what gives? Well, it turns out you can vape Kratom, but it’s a little more complicated than just putting the stuff in a tea. Below, our friends from Authentic Kratom are going to guide you through all of the things you need to know about vaping Kratom, including its safety, effects, and how you do it.

Can You Vape Kratom?

Surprisingly enough, yes. You can vape practically anything if you try hard enough, but that’s not saying that you should. Like most other supplements, Kratom can be vaped pretty quickly, although you’ll have to pay attention to a couple of things, which we will get to later in the article.

Kratom is a plant found in the Southeastern Asia region that has been used for traditional medicine throughout the ages. It’s an increasingly popular supplement in the USA, but it’s not necessarily legal everywhere. That is because there isn’t enough scientific evidence supporting the benefits of Kratom.

Nevertheless, Kratom is a plant, and you can vape dry herbs with the correct vape module. While this is the first thing that most people think of when it comes to vaping Kratom, a much better alternative is to find Kratom enriched vape juice, as it’s the best way to retain all of the active alkaloids that Kratom brings to the table.

Is vaping Kratom safe?

Yes. As long as you follow the correct sequence and rules when vaping Kratom, this can be a fantastic way to get your daily dose of this remarkable supplement. While vaping Kratom might be a bit tougher than merely brewing it into tea, it’s far more convenient in some situations, as you can take it with you virtually anywhere you go. Since vaping isn’t prohibited in most places, you can even consume it on the go as well.

Vaping itself isn’t the healthiest thing globally, but vaping Kratom isn’t any different from vaping most dry herbs, apart from gaining the benefits of Kratom consumption themselves.

What Is in Kratom Vape Juice?

In most cases, Kratom vaping is restricted to Kratom enriched vape juice. This vape juice is relatively similar to regular vape juice but contains a couple of additives extracted from Kratom. In most cases, Kratom enriched vape juice will have a base, a flavoring agent, and a Kratom additive.

Bases can be either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Bases define most of the texture, smoke production, and effect of the vape juice.

Next come the additives, usually Kratom Alkaloids for the effect and Acetaldehyde as a flavor booster. Lastly come the flavoring agents, which are generally potent enough to mask the taste of Kratom alkaloids.

Are the Effects Any Different?

The effects of puffing on Kratom are relatively similar to consuming Kratom in the traditional sense. The only difference is that vaping Kratom is less potent than consuming it outright. The heat that vaporizes it plays a significant role in reducing the effects of Kratom alkaloids found in the vape juice.

How Do You Vape Kratom?

Vaping Kratom is usually best left to vaping Kratom vape juice rather than the dry herb. Coming across Kratom enriched vape juice might be tricky, and might be illegal in your general area, so make sure to check the local laws and restrictions before you do so.

The actual vaping process is as simple as vaping any other vape juice. The only thing you need to consider is the VG or PG content in the vape juice, as it could gunk up your tank pretty quickly.

The best way to vape Kratom is to take small, shallow puffs from your vape pen and make a pause between the times you do so. Now, this will let the Kratom get into

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