Top 7 Hot Vape Girls Of Instagram

Vaping has emerged as a new subculture with numerous websites, forums, and Youtube channels dedicated to promoting it. Its increasing popularity, especially among the youth, has led to the formation of communities. Instagram, being a youth-centric social media platform, has played a massive role in promoting this culture. Several vape brands have realized the tremendous potential of Instagram to boost the sale of their products through influencer marketing.

Today, there is a massive shift in people's attitudes towards vaping. Though it has been around only for a few years, there are still many untapped potentials. Wondering who are vape girls and what their objective is? Read on to learn all about it.

Top 7 Hot Vape Girls Of Instagram

Who are vape girls?

Vape girls are women that use social media platforms to promote the rapidly growing vaping culture in any given form. Most of them have a considerable following, and hence, a higher power to influence their audience. Here, individuals share their knowledge about products and materials to their followers. These influencers have managed to make their own space in this industry with product reviews, interesting vaping tricks, and several vaporizer giveaways.  Vape artists across the globe also use vape tank bands to ensure maximum grip of the device in their hands and minimize damage in accidents.

If you're a vape and Instagram enthusiast, here are seven hot vape girls you can follow.

1)   Elyssa Rose

Elyssa, who goes by the username @vaping.rose on Instagram, has an impressive following of 67.8k. This vape girl from San Diego, California, has won people's hearts with her talent and curvy body. You can undoubtedly rely on her for honest product reviews and fresh content.

She likes to relax outdoors in her bathing suit with her vape mod. Her stunning pictures are sure to leave you in awe. Elyssa's popularity has increased multifold in recent months. With her beauty and talent, this virtual spokeswoman for vaping is making her way to the top.

2)   Alli Embers

Alli Embers is a rapidly growing vape girl with a current following of 14.9k on Instagram. Her Instagram name is @itsalliembers, and her profile consists of perfectly framed pictures with products from different vape brands. She mostly does product reviews for them.

With an incredible fashion sense and exceptional makeup skills, her posts look even more appealing. What's more, from time to time, she also uploads videos of tricks she performs. This undoubtedly keeps her audience amused.

3)   Farrah

Farrah quit smoking 15 years ago, and since then, she has been an integral part of the vaping community. She boasts an impressive following of 221k and has remarkable pictures that show her hot, eye-pleasing body. With a contagious smile and incredible talent, this vape girl has so many brand promotions in line.

Her cleverly designed posts and well-thought selection of vape companies she wants to promote have worked in her favor. Her followers get several benefits, such as opportunities to participate in giveaways or get massive discounts on certain products.

Top 7 Hot Vape Girls Of Instagram

4)   Valerie:

Valerie is a young vape girl with 56.9k followers who goes by the username @valerie.w33 on Instagram. She is undoubtedly amongst the leading influencers in the industry known for blowing elaborate smoke rings. Thousands of people enjoy this trickster's unique videos and product reviews. They are always eager about what she'll come up with next.

At such a young age, Valerie has managed to create a fantastic community that she takes inspiration from her videos. She believes that vaping can help people quit smoking and take a step towards a healthier life.

5)   Misaliaa

With a significant following of 178k followers, this talented Malaysian is one of the top vape girls. She is mostly into making videos of interesting tricks using products from various brands. She has a remarkable engagement from the audience because of the incredible quality of content she puts up.

Her posts' aesthetic appeal is a reflection of all the hard work and dedication she puts in. Being updated with the new trends in vaping has set her apart from others. Misaliaa has proven that when you feel passionate about something, all you need is an effort to succeed. 

6)   Hannah

Hannah is famous as @_justpeachyy on Instagram and has 127k followers. You can be sure of finding something unique and exciting on her page. She focuses on showcasing vaping equipment of reliable companies and creative tricks. Her emphasis on a healthy lifestyle is why many aspiring vapers look up to her role model.

She always makes it a point to interact with her audience in the comments section. Her natural striking looks only compliment her talent.

7)   Andrea

Andrea goes by the username @owlexandrea on Instagram and has 129k followers. She is very consistent in posting product reviews for companies and incredible vaping tricks. She receives excellent engagement on her posts, and rightly so.

Her stunning pictures are aesthetic and eye-pleasing. If she continues posting such remarkable content, her following is likely to increase rapidly in the coming years.

Top 7 Hot Vape Girls Of Instagram

Final thoughts

If you want to join the growing vaping community, please follow the skilled vape girls mentioned above. Apart from being talented and beautiful, you can rely on them for honest product reviews. Given the engagement of youth with pictures on Instagram, there is still a need to understand the content in conjunction with vaping.