How To Save Some Coins While Buying Weed From Weed Dispensaries in Surrey

The legalization of weed was a good thing since it took away the fears of possessing weed. But there is a caveat; it also means weed became more expensive, at least for now. Legal weed can’t compete with illegal weed in terms of prices.

The Cannabis Act meant to nip illegal weed dealers in the bud, but years later, illegal weed still roams the streets. A gram of weed costs almost twice in legal stores what it costs in the illegal market. So, if you want to break the law, it’s easy to get cheap weed in some backstreets, but if you don’t want to take that route, how can you save some coins from weed dispensaries?

Free Delivery Services

Weed delivery is one of the easiest ways to save on cost, but you have to be smart, or all the good deals will elude you. If you love the idea of online shopping and deliveries, then welcome to the world of online pot dispensaries. Many cannabis stores are moving online, which offers weed users cheaper options.

In Surrey, BC, weed delivery is still restricted to medical cannabis only. However, you can still shop online for your non-medical pot, but you have to go and pick it personally at the store. Nonetheless, this can still save you a few coins since you can do comparison shopping quickly and choose the cheapest options.

Some shops offer free deliveries for a given amount of orders or scheduled deliveries. If you schedule your deliveries, you can benefit from free deliveries and a cut on cost.

Buy Your Weed in Bulk

Buying in bulk is always cheaper. Imagine having to buy weed every day! While your product or joint might cost the same, your running costs will drive up your expenses. You will need money for gas, and it will cost you time that you would spend on other important activities.

You know your daily weed usage; so, you can calculate how much you need per week or month. If you can do this, then why not buy a weekly or monthly supply at once? It is even much better when you get deals that you can take advantage of.

Buying your weed in bulk will require you to spend more money at once, but it will be cheaper in the long run. For example, if you get a 30% deal online and buy products worth $100, you will save a whopping $30. With the cost of weed ranging between $6.99-$16.28 per gram on online stores, you can imagine how much you can save by buying in bulk.

Most stores will also offer deals for a certain minimum purchase. So, buying in bulk means you can knock off a few bucks from your order.

Look Out for Discounted Weed

The legalization of weed in Canada means that dispensaries can engage in legal advertisement and offer incentives to their customers.  Just search online for discounted weed in your location, and you will get several daily sales and giveaways.

The online space means more competition for weed sellers; everyone tries to get more customers and retain them through incentives. As a savvy shopper, you can survey the internet for these deals and take advantage of them when something enticing comes along.

Some dispensaries also offer discounts for their loyal customers. If you are a regular user and make consistent orders from a particular store, you may qualify for discounts; so, always be on the lookout. In addition, some stores may offer a loyalty card that gives their loyal customers access to special discounts, bonuses, and tokens. You can also subscribe to online stores and get notifications on special sales and discounts.

Budget and Schedule Your Deliveries

Budgeting is important for any type of shopping, and you should not exclude it when it comes to buying weed. The truth is that weed is expensive, and if you don’t budget properly, you may end up spending more than you should.

Most recreational weed users don’t keep track of how much they spend on pot. But if you are smart, you should because it could save you a few bucks. When you budget, you can take advantage of scheduled deliveries, which are much cheaper than on-demand deliveries.

Budgeting also helps you control your usage. Know how much weed you need per day/week and stick to that. Your body only needs a certain amount of cannabis, and you shouldn’t take any more. If you are a beginner, you might not know how much you need, but you should find your sweet spot with time and several experiments. 

Final Word!

With such challenging economic times, everyone is looking for ways to save cash. Small habits like budgeting, getting deals, taking advantage of sales, or even buying products in bulk can come in handy.

If you want to save a few coins from your weed expenses, these tips can be useful. However, you need the discipline to make them work.