How Green Is Your eJuice?

The fact that you’re vaping instead of smoking is one giant step to being more eco-friendly. But have you ever thought about your eJuice? How green is it, if at all?

The vape liquid products are eco-friendly, contain natural ingredients, and are tested by a third-party lab for quality and purity. If you want to vape a green eJuice, ask yourself the following questions. 

Does Your eJuice Contain Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Almost every eJuice contains propylene glycol (PG). That’s a clear, odorless, and tasteless solvent that produces the vapor when heated to specific temperatures.

It’s also the ingredient that’s responsible for those big, thick clouds of vapor. So, if you’re into cloud-chasing, it’s safe to say your eJuice contains more PG than VG (vegetable glycerine).

Now, it doesn’t mean that your vape liquid isn’t eco-friendly just because it contains PG. However, since we derive PG from petroleum products, we could say that it may not be all that green.

If you care about your eJuice being green, you could choose one that contains vegetol instead of PG. Vegetol is chemically similar to PG, but it’s entirely of vegetable origin.

Does It Contain a Lot of Flavoring?

When an eJuice contains a lot of flavoring, it usually means that it has a lot of sugar. More sugar means the coils won’t last as long as they could.

Flavors such as tobacco and menthol ensure a longer lifespan of vape coils, as they have less sugar. That means you don’t need to replace the coils frequently, which translates to less waste.

However, you don’t have to vape simple eJuices to extend the lifespan of your coils. You can simply choose flavorings that contain healthier sweeteners than sugar.

Do You Buy Your eJuice Locally?

If you buy your eJuice locally, you’ll contribute to protecting the planet. How? Because you will help reduce the carbon footprint.

When buying from your local vendor, there’s no transport to create carbon emissions and pollute the air. Moreover, most local vendors get their supplies locally, which also means less traffic and toxic fumes.

3 Tips for Being an Eco-Friendly Vaper

Being an eco-friendly vaper is much easier than it may seem. If you care about vaping green, here’s what you should do.

  1. Vape green eJuices

Now that you know what makes an eJuice green, you can find one that ticks all the boxes.

All you need to do is find a reputable local vendor, pick an eJuice with natural ingredients (preferably with vegetol), and choose a flavoring with little to no sugar or an alternative sweetener.

Again, PG doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions considerably, but it does come from propylene oxide obtained from petroleum products.

Still, PG is a safe liquid. It wouldn’t be one of the main ingredients of nearly every eJuice if it weren’t safe. Choosing a vape liquid without it is just a matter of preference.

When picking your green eJuice, don’t forget to check for third-party lab testing results to make sure it meets all the purity and quality standards.

  1. Recycle your eJuice bottles and packaging

When you empty an eJuice bottle, don’t just throw it in the trash. Every part of eJuice bottles is recyclable, so be a conscious vaper and recycle your empty bottles.

Their packaging is also recyclable, and cartomizers, batteries, and other components of vaping devices. Some eJuice bottles even come in biodegradable bags.

So, be responsible and take all the recyclable parts to your nearest recycling facility.

  1. Dispose of your eJuice responsibly

What if you let your eJuice sit idle for long, and it expired? What if you wanted to experiment with a new flavor but didn’t really like it and had no one to give it to - what do you do then?

Would you toss it in the trash? Maybe pour it down the drain? Hopefully, none of those things.

A cat, dog, or other animal digging through the trash could ingest your expired eJuice and end up with toxic poisoning.

There could also be toxic consequences to the natural ecosystem around your home. Your improperly-disposed-of eJuice could also end up polluting the soil once the community trash collectors take it to a landfill site, where it also might be found by wildlife.

The safest way to dispose of your unused eJuice is to pour it into an absorbent material, such as kitty litter or wood chippings, before placing it in a biodegradable bag. Once you do that, toss it into a secure trash can.

By vaping instead of smoking, you’re already playing your part in protecting the planet. Why not do a bit more by switching to green eJuices?

You’ll feel better knowing you’re protecting the environment, and you’ll inspire other vapers to do the same. Be the change you want to see in the world, right?