Have the Best Valentine's Day Lovefest with Mile High Glass Pipes

One of the most special holidays we love to cherish is, no doubt, Valentine's Day. And so for all you 420 friendly stoner couples out there, we're happy to show off some really fun gift ideas to share and use together for this special day. (Or, in case you're late with a gift meant to impress your honey, here's a chance to redeem yourself before the big day!)

Either way, the great thing to know for this Valentine's Day is that we have the cutest water pipes and other unique smoke shop "love gifts" available to make you look your best to that special love interest in your life! Happy shopping and here's to you getting lucky in love!

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LuvBirds Bong for Two

This super cute water pipe gives you the ability to load up your favorite heady herbs in a proper glass bowl and take "special love hits" with your partner together!

Because, when you want to get closer to someone, what better way to do it than share the same water pipe at the same time?


Martini Glass Water Pipe

This is a wonderful Valentine's Day gift idea that will impress your love interest. Simply add water to filter your favorite herbs that you pack in the glass bowl, gently inhale through the mouthpiece and watch the smoke fill up in the chamber, and enjoy your Martini!

Because you COULD go to your local bar and drink, but why do that when you can get a better high using this unique Martini Glass Water Pipe?

Comes in 3 different color options.

Kandy Glass 17" Water Pipe

If you love getting candy on Valentine's day then this one is for you! Except this is candy for adults! This 17" glass water pipe comes in a cool purple color to make you remember the 70s! 

The Kandy Glass Water Pipe stands at an impressive 17" and it has a ice catcher tube with a big beaker base.

Get exactly what you're craving with this. Big, fat, huge bong hits to satiate your cravings with your partner!


Heart Beaker 10" Bong

If you're the type who love to jump around, you're definitely the heart breaker. But if you want to show your love, this Heart Beaker Bong will be the one to do that. Instead of crushing poor souls hearts, learn to give them the love!

This lovely 420 masterpiece stands at 10" and has a triple heart ice catch tube which you don't see everywhere. It also has a pretty pink filter to give you sexy clean hits. 

This Heart Beaker Water Pipe features rosewood pink bowl accents  that is super lightweight and portable.