Buying Your First Heady Glass Pipe

Buying your first heady glass pipe can be a bit confusing. Between finding reputable vendors, learning the terms, there is a lot to learn and consider before visiting your local headshop. This article is an overview of glass pipes, where to buy heady glass, and an introduction to functional and non-functional glass pipe art.

Over the last few decades the world of artistic heady glass has dominated searches among functional glass users. Heady glass refers to pipes that emphasize artistic skill and materials over basic function.

These glass masterpieces demonstrate a breadth of technical talent and human imagination's height, combining both in astounding proportions.

Functional vs. Non-functional Glass

There are weed bowl pipes are functional glass pieces that you can use to smoke, and there is also non-functional glass that is purely artistic.

Functional glass art is relatively new and consumers have been slow to embrace it, but between cannabis legalization, rescheduling, and the explosion of social media, functional heady glass art has found its place.

Glassblowers have established aesthetic styles that have transcended functionality. Glass pendants are non-functional art pieces highly revered by collectors in the cannabis space.

Heady glass can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but how can one piece of glass art be worth so much money? Let's find out why.

Art prices fluctuate based on demand and allows famous glass artists to afford to sell their work for more money. Critics, collectors, artists, curators, gallery owners, convention operators, and retailers all play a part in the value of a heady glass piece of art.

What's more, the internet of things has allowed for free self-promotion on a level that has never been seen before. Artists share their work with audiences across many platforms to promote their work. Establishing buzz around glass art has never been easier with tools like Instagram, SnapChat, and more social media platforms.

Buying Heady Glass online or at a shop

Only buy heady glass from a reputable source like Miyagi Dab Company LA and don't forget to spread the word. A True piece of art is made to be shared and loved. Functional art pieces aren't used in the traditional sense and allows others to appreciate the craftsmanship and talent that goes into each work.