Best Vaporizers 2020 For Wax - Dry Herb - Oil

If you’re in the market for a new vaporizer, it can be hard to make a decision when there are so many different devices to choose from. This choice is further complicated when you have to choose between portable and desktop vaporizers, and when they all have a million different features because they’re made by so many different companies. Though all of the vaporizers on this list are great options, it’s worth keeping in mind that companies are constantly developing new products and making adjustments to popular older models, so you can bet there will be even more to offer in 2020. The products in this guide are an excellent preview of what’s to come from the best in the vaporizer business.  

Storz & Bickel

If you aren’t familiar with the name Storz & Bickel, you should be. Some of the devices they’re best known for are currently dominating the market and stoner seshes. Their Volcano desktop vapes are a thing to behold, and their Mighty and Crafty portable vaporizers are exactly the kind of high-caliber vapes you want in your hand.

The Volcano is a pioneering product among vape devices. It’s a desktop vape that you attach to their patented balloon system. The Volcano burns whatever dry herb you put into it and in turn fills the balloon with thick vapor. If you’ve never gotten a chance to try a Volcano, believe me when I say it’s an experience that you need to have at least once in your life. It hits hard and is one of the devices on the market that will get you the highest. If you’re looking for a classic Cheech and Chong-style experience, look no further than the Volcano.

That doesn’t mean you should pass up on Storz & Bickel’s portable vaporizers, though. They have some of the best to offer on that front as well. The Mighty and Crafty vaporizers will make a great addition to anyone’s collection, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to have the temperatures just right when vaping. The Mighty comes with an LED screen that displays its internal temperature as well as its battery life. The Crafty can be used with their smartphone app to control various settings on your device depending on your personal preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a workhorse portable vape or one of the most popular desktop vapes on the market, Storz & Bickel has you covered.


When discussing innovation when it comes to vaporizers in the marijuana industry, DynaVap is a company worth keeping an eye on. DynaVap revolutionized vaping when they created their line of battery-free vaporizers. They’re slightly larger than a cigarette and come in a sleek, mechanical design. In an era where everything is electronic, including what seems like every vape on the market, it feels pretty insane to run into vaporizers that ditch all of the electronics.

DynaVap’s vapes are perfect for tokers on the go. They even offer a variety of starter kits, as well as the rare opportunity for customers to design their own DynaVap by choosing the mouthpiece and midsection while using their DynaBuilder. If you’re into clean, minimalist designs and off-the-grid functionality, give their vaporizers a try.


DaVinci creates elegant, intelligent vaporizers for cannabis connoisseurs who like complete control over how they vape their weed. They offer several vaporizers, including the DaVinci IQ, MIQRO, Ascent, and DaVinci Classic. Each device offers users a distinct, personalized experience, though all are portable and well-designed.

Of all DaVinci’s vaporizers, the DaVinci IQ and MIQRO are the best for the average user. Both were designed with ceramic zirconia air pathways and mouthpieces to provide the user with as pure of an experience as possible when vaping cannabis. In turn, they also produce some of the best tasting vapor on the market. The MIQRO is a smaller version of the IQ that allows you the option to use less bud while still getting the most out of your experience. Both of these vaporizers offer a high-end experience for true connoisseurs, complete with temperature controls and a futuristic aesthetic.

But DaVinci doesn’t seem to be satisfied with crafting top-of-the line vapes for a broad audience. They also offer one of the most durable vaporizers on the market: the DaVinci Classic. This device is perfect for adventurous types who enjoy their marijuana best when communing with Mother Nature. If you’re the type of person who likes to reward themselves by smoking marijuana while enjoying a serene view after a long hike, the DaVinci Classic is for you. It’s compact, vapes both dry herb and oil, and comes with temperature controls and a built-in stash box. It’s great to use while taking a break from outdoor activities, but also makes a great everyday vape that’s perfect for subtle sessions on the go. DaVinci vaporizers are a great choice whether you’re looking for something smart and elegant or durable and to the point.


Pax Labs are almost certainly the most well-known vaporizer manufacturer. They produce sleek, rechargeable products that do exactly what you need them to. The devices offered by Pax Labs are simple to use and come in a variety of colors, making them a great choice for those with vibrant personalities. The original Pax and the Pax 2 can vape dry herb. The Pax 3 gives you the option to smoke both dry weed and concentrates. These devices also allows you to switch between four different temperatures so that you can find your sweet spot when it comes to vaping. You might wonder what more you could want in a vaporizer.

Enter the Pax Era, a slim, simple vape pen. It’s lightweight, portable, and rechargeable, but unlike other vape batteries, the Era only works with Pax Pods. With this particular device, you’re locked into using Pax-supported pods. That might sound like a dealbreaker, but there are currently a decent amount of companies making pods compatible for the device, including fan favorites like Island Cannabis Co and Jetty Extracts.

Pax Labs also offers a mobile app for their Pax 3 and Era vaporizers that allows you to customize your experience and control your session with a variety of in-depth options. Through their app, you can control things like the temperature of the device and even the flavor output. Pax Labs is always looking to innovate within the marijuana industry and you can expect them to do just that with whatever device they make next.  


From the Argo to the Extreme Q, Arizer makes a number of portable and desktop vapes that have become part of many cannabis enthusiasts’ collections. They’re simple devices that look like they came straight from the future that hit smoothly and make big, beautiful clouds.

Most importantly, Arizer’s mission is for you to spend more time enjoying your session and less time cleaning. For those of you who use your vaporizer or glass equipment for seshes throughout the week, you’re plenty familiar with spending more time than you’d like mixing rubbing alcohol, salt, and whatever else to clean gunked-up resin off your precious devices. Arizer has fixed that problem by taking the parts of their desktop and portable vapes that get the dirtiest, like the mouthpiece or chamber, and making them removable. This makes them easier to clean, which means you don’t waste precious smoking time. It’s a design choice that I can’t applaud enough.

For the portable vape crowd, Arizer offers the Argo, Air II, and Solo II. For those that prefer desktop vapes and hard hitters, you should check out their popular Extreme Q and V-Tower. If you’re into functional vaporizers that do exactly what they’re supposed to and don’t care about the frills and flash that other brands offer, Arizer offers a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Adding one of their devices to your collection for 2019 would be a smart move.


If you’re a marijuana enthusiast and a social media user, then you’ve definitely heard of Megatoke More than likely, you’ve seen what seems like everyone on Instagram posting with theirs. If you haven’t--well, you’ve either been living under a rock, or super stoned and taking a nap underneath one. For those that haven’t heard of it, the MegaToke is a lightweight vaporizer that allows you to vape dry herb on the go. MegaToke also offers a Megatoke XL that allows you to vape oil as well as dry herb. The XL also includes a bigger chamber and more powerful battery. Oh, and if those two aren’t exciting enough, you can check out their new device, the DABATOKE, a dual-battery MegaToke with two chambers. While most people will likely only use one chamber at a time, it’s notable because you could theoretically vape herb in one and oil in the other.

What really sets the MegaToke devices apart from some of their competitors is that it can connect to a water pipe or bong to give you an extra smooth, strong hit. The MegaToke won’t send you to the moon--it’ll send you over it. MegaToke is constantly doing their best to improve their devices and give their users a better experience, so you can expect to see a lot of them in 2020.

If you don’t already use a vape to smoke your marijuana, 2020 is going to be one of the best times to invest in one. A ton of top-notch companies are making innovative strides in their designs for both standard portable vapes and larger desktop vaporizers. You can expect a lot of that snazzy new tech to come out next year.