Water Pipe Accessories

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      Mile High Glass Pipes carries an array of accessories for your glass bongs and water pipes. Sometimes you want to upgrade your parts or change out that basic glass bowl that came with the purchase of your bong or water pipe. Oftentimes, the glass downstem breaks, or you simply want a new female glass stem. For these reasons, Mile High Glass Pipes is your go-to glass water pipe and pyrex bong accessories & parts shop.

      A glass pipe on its own is a wonderful thing to have. With accessories? Even better. That being stated, here are some water pipe accessories that have become a must-have. Ash catchers, bowls, downstems—here is all you need to know about these water pipe parts. 

      Water Pipes Accessories

      With this comprehensive insight, you will see how all these water pipe accessories beautifully intertwine with the utility aspect of the bong. 


      Think of it this way. A bong without any downstream is as good as having a dabbing material that gives no vapor. Sounds pretty redundant, isn’t it? 

      One of the most important water pipe parts, the downstream is what will carry smoke all the way from the chamber to the pipe. By association, this is what will give you the major hits. Your glass pipe will be pretty much useless without downstems. 

      The upside with this is pretty simple. Thanks to folks trying to make a buck, you, the customer, are advantaged. The number and types of downstems that you can find in the market is pretty insane. For every purpose and every use-case, you will find something suited for you. 

      Ash catchers

      These water pipe parts can be pretty handy, especially if you are a newcomer to this. Ash catchers essentially make it pretty easy for you to have a calm and serene smoking experience. This not only aids as a filtration metric but also serves an additional purpose of cleaning. 

      Cleaning your water pipe can be a meandering process. With ash catchers, you can now keep a lot of residues at bay. Being one of the more pragmatic choices when it comes to water pipe accessories, you can blindly buy one from the market. 


      Look, this might be categorized as an accessory, but it is pretty much an essential component of your bong experience. Bowls are empty chambers, and honestly pretty boring in comparison to other pipe accessories—but make no little of it. 

      They come in different sizes of 10-18mm, and can be separated into male and female counterparts. Being one of the more utility-based pipe accessories, the bowl essentially works by pulling the hot fumes from the ignited herb. 

      Moreover, your bowl will hold most of your herb, so you would probably want to shell as much as possible for the best one. Lucky for you, the options here are endless.  

      Smoking Accessories

      Mile high Glass Pipes sells many different smoking accessories shipped from our online smoke shop. Mile High Glass Pipes carries water pipes and bong smoking accessories like bowls, downstem, and other replacement parts for your water pipes. We also carry a full line of smoking accessories for your dab, concentrate, and oil rig pipes. From silicone dab smoking accessories to nails, domes, dabbers, and more. Most nails and domes that come with dab and oil rigs do not work and an aftermarket one. If you want to upgrade to a domeless nail, titanium, quartz, and ceramic are good options. Our smoke shop carries a vast line of all of these concentrate pipe smoking accessories. Our smoke shop also carries a full range of grinders for all of your smoking needs.

      Grinders are great for use to aid in using all types of smoking pipes, water pipes, bongs, and hand pipes. Grinders help to break up whatever material you are planning on smoking out of your pipe. It makes it easier to light your bowl and keep your bowl lit. For this reason, grinders are a trendy smoking accessory to purchase for just about any smoking pipe. In our smoking accessories line, we also have dugouts. Dugouts are great smoking accessories to use for travel and portability. Dugouts are also great for smoking discreetly. Some people use dugouts to help quit smoking as you can take a single puff at a time and put the dugout up until you need another smoke.

      With all of these smoking accessories available to our customer base, this is making Mile High Glass Pipes the leader in online smoke shops and head shops. The couple, our diverse product line with being centrally located in Denver, Co., and Mile High Glass Pipes, is fastly becoming the number one online headshop and smoke shop in the US.


      Bong accessories are pretty much quintessential for you to make the most out of hits. With so many choices at your disposal, you can actually never go wrong here.