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Stone pipes have been traditionally used for thousands of years to smoke tobacco & herbs. Many native cultures used stone pipes in their smoking ceremonies. Today stone pipes are an economical way to smoke, but without the worries of using a glass pipe that can break. Stone pipes are typically small, compact, and extremely durable.

They range in size from smaller one hitter style to a larger, more traditional pipe that ancient cultures would use. Stone pipes are hand-carved by real humans, and bring an old-world artisan touch to your smoke sesh.

Some pipes come with built-in screens, while others will need a screen as an add on for smoking. When you buy a stone pipe for smoking you literally are buying a pipe for life. Unless you lose it, you can have decades of smoke seshes, and or ceremonial activities.

Although glass has dominated the smoking market in recent history, there is something special about using a stone pipe for a smooth great tasting smoke that you will surely want to share with friends.