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      Pipes and bongs are prized possessions of any unapologetic smoker. It doesn’t indicate the frequency of a smoker’s indulgence but surely indicates the earnestness of their green routine. Each one of us—in the habit of using pipes and bongs or collecting them—has been through one or more heartbreaks induced over a shattered or broken beauty of a bong or a pipe. Whether you are a little Scrooge over pipes and bongs or an asset to parties and get-togethers, you must own a high-quality pipe with a versatile pouch or a case.

      Pipe Pouches and Cases

      Fortunately, we live in a time where we have many options to choose from. There’s a wide range of materials, prices, and accents to choose from. Here are a few suggestions that can help you keep your smoking gear and ornaments safe from all the evil coincidences.

      Bong Case

      The world is an unsafe place, especially for a beautifully crafted glass bong or a clay pipe. Keep them safe with these necessary weed accessories. 

      1. CALI CRUSHER - 12 IN SMELL-PROOF DUFFLE BAG WITH LOCKING ZIPPER – Now travel discreetly in style with these padded scent-lock bong bags. It has a weather-resistant material, combination lock, 100% smell proofing, space enough for a decent-sized bong, and looks like a normal yet pensive duffle bag.
      2. NEVERXHALE SMOKEPACK TRAVEL LAPTOP BACKPACK – One of the sincerest guardians available for your smoking ornaments out there. It has enough space to carry your water pipe, a laptop, and a few notebooks. It also features three removable and interchangeable padded storage compartments.

      Soft Bag 

      When a lot of thought goes into buying the perfect water pipe, then it’s only logical that that same diligent effort goes into buying a soft travel bag for it. This would mean making sure that you get the best out of your money. The best fabric and thoughtful design. Here are a few suggestions for that considerate effort of yours:

      1. Revelry Stowaway Stash Bag – In all your travels, carrying a toiletry kit is as inevitable as your bowel movements. Revelry made a smell-proof toiletry kit that has room enough for all your toiletries along with all your smoking gear. It’s water-resistant, padded, has rubber backed exterior and is aesthetically enhanced with genuine leather accents.
      2. Skunk Smell Proof Combo Lock Duffle Bag – The classic black ops bag. Lined with patented activated carbon technology, this bag traps any odor from escaping the bag. 

      Pipe Pouch

      A bag or a travel-size suitcase for just a teensy bit of pot and an appropriately paired pipe would be overkill. The market today has something for every need. Here are a few suggestions for these needs: 

      1. SKUNK - SMELL-PROOF GO CASE – A pocket-sized, durable, and smell-free smoke kit for those who are always on the go. This is perfect when you want to carry minimal supplies discreetly. It’s waterproof, has Strong and durable rubber-backed nylon and anti-tear protective netting, and is affordable.
      2. DIME BAGS - POUCH 7IN – This 7-inch wonder is made of a sustainable and environment-friendly hemp blend. You can take it anywhere. It fits in your palm, in the corner of your bag, and can serve as housing for your stash.

      Hard Case

      Sometimes there is a need for a hard and sturdy case. Whether you are always out on an adventure or a clumsy soul, these hard cases can survive the worst of the bumps and keep your gear safe:

      1. SMOKESAFE - TRAVEL HARD CASE – The hard outer shell and a customizable foam interior are perfect for carrying items of different dimensions. It offers excellent protection for your glass bong, dab rigs, water pipes, steamrollers, mouthpieces, stems, grinders, and all other smoking tools. However, this case is not smelled proof. Make sure you don’t store any pot in there by mistake.
      2. SMOKESAFE - 5” MINI SMELL-PROOF HARD CASE – Not made for carrying large pipes but does its job perfectly when it comes to carrying minimal gear and pot. Made of high-quality composite plastic material, this small wonder is smell proof and waterproof. This is a pocket-sized travel buddy for a quick botanic smoke session.


      Smell Proof

      Unfortunately, pot still carries a stigma in our society and it’s a taboo in many societies and cultures. As a result, it’s illegal in most of the world. That is why being discreet is not just a need but also a sensible thing to do. Most of the pouches, bags and cases made for carrying smoking gear are manufactured, keeping this reality check. 

      These containers prevent any smell from the cannabis or tobacco, you might be carrying with your gear, from escaping with such efficiency that even the police dogs can’t single you out.

      Protect Glass

      Most of the high-quality pipes and water pipes are made out of clay or glass. Glass is not the kind of material that you can possess without care. It’s not accident-free. And carrying them around can be a hassle. Following are a few suggestions to take care of that hassle.


      The high-quality padding and strategic lining render most of these bags odor-free. Padding keeps your glass pipes safe in the most tremendous of human errors. Their unassuming designs will never become a cause of raised eyebrows.

      To conclude

      It’s established that a great pipe pouch or bag can free up quite a lot of your mental bandwidth. They replace the worry of breaking pipes with a calm sense of safety you feel on behalf of your smoking gear.

      It’s not easy being a pot smoker when our society attaches a stigma to it. Slowly people are realizing the potential of this versatile plant. As a result, many states and countries are legalizing marijuana. But before it takes over the world, we smokers have to be careful and not expend our precious energy in futile battles.

      Whether you are purchasing a cheaper glass pipe, or a high-end bong, protecting your investment is important. Padded pipe pouches come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Old-school fabric soft pouches have been the industry standard for decades. The hard shell pouches have become a popular choice for protecting your glass pipe investment in more recent times. Hardshell cases consist of a hard outer shell, while the inside is made of soft egg-crate style foam.

      For bongs, standard tube length padded pouches are inexpensive, durable, and come in a vast array of colors and patterns. Over the past decade as the price of bongs has risen, so has the need to make sure these functional art pieces are protected. Pelican style bong cases have a hard outer plastic case, packed on the inside with customization foam inserts, and seem to be the go-to for protecting high-end functional art piece bongs.

      Regardless of the price of your glass pipe, bong, or dab rig, making sure it is protected while not in use is of the utmost importance. Because if your glass piece breaks, how are you going to smoke?