Hemp Wick

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      Traditionally when you smoke flower from a bong, or glass pipe you would use a butane lighter. As our knowledge of what is “toxic” has expanded, so has the need to cut out unwanted chemicals from our lives. Hemp wicks offer an eco-friendly way to enjoy smoking flowers without having to inhale potentially dangerous butane fumes. Hemp wicks also tend to make the true flavor of your flower stand out because it doesn't have the same overpowering taste as a butane lighter.

      You use a typical lighter to light the hemp wick, then you put the hemp wick to the bowl that you are smoking, inhale as usual, and draw in a smooth hit of your favorite flowers. When your sesh is done, simply blow out the hemp wick, and save it for later.

      Hemp wicks are made from twine, or wick, that is formed from industrial hemp. A coating of beeswax is melted onto the hemp wick, which creates the properties for the wick to slowly burn. Thus being able to be used to smoke your favorite flower.

      The moral of the story is if you want to bring out the natural flavors of the flower when smoking, while not inhaling toxic fumes, use a hemp wick during your next smoke sesh.