What Are the Best Ways to Consume Cannabis?

If you asked someone which is the best way to consume cannabis, they are more likely to give you smoking as the answer, since it is the most common method. If you are new to cannabis products or want to explore the different methods on how you can consume them, here is a guide to help you. There are several methods available and more continue popping up with time. The best thing is to try a variety of them and determine which one works for you.


Many people prefer consuming cannabis by the inhalation method since it is fast-acting. The effects are usually felt 10-15 minutes after inhalation. Some inhalation methods include:


Smoking is the most common method of consuming cannabis and has been there for centuries. Smoking cannabis is a faster way of making it get into the system quickly, which makes it a favorite among people who want to experience cannabis effects instantly. There are several smoking options available, which include:


    Technological advancements have brought forth another incredible method of consuming cannabis; vaping. It involves heating cannabis flowers using a device to transform their active compounds into vapor form. A person then inhales the vapor. Cannabis gets into the bloodstream when a person inhales it and is useful, especially when someone takes it to get pain relief. Another thing that makes vaping a preference for many people is that it is easy to vape pens, and they do not produce a lot of smoke, unlike smoking.


    You can also consume cannabis by spraying it on your body. The product comes in a spray bottle, which you use to apply the products to your skin. It can also be sprayed in the nose by applying the nozzle on the nostril. Spraying in the mouth is also another method. It can be challenging to consume the right doses when using cannabis sprays. The best thing is to spray a small amount of cannabis at a time to avoid unpleasant effects.


    In the topical method, cannabis products come in the form of lotions and oils, which you can apply to your skin. This method is mostly used by individuals seeking to ease body pain. Topicals are only absorbed by the parts of the body where they are applied, meaning they won’t get into the entire body. You will not experience any psychoactive effects when you consume cannabis in topical forms. This is what sets this method apart from others.

    Oral Ingestion

    The effects of cannabis are slowed in oral ingestion since digestion has to take place first before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. In this method, absorption into the blood takes place slowly, making the effects gradual but long-lasting. There are several ways of ingesting cannabis products orally. These include:


    Cannabis edibles are food products that contain cannabis compounds. These include cookies, gummies, chocolates, among other products.  


    Sublinguals and edibles don’t have a lot of difference. While edibles are usually infused in food products, sublinguals are usually placed under the tongue. They are then absorbed into the body through the mouth membrane after dissolving.


    Cannabis tinctures are made of soaking cannabis leaves or flowers in alcohol or any other solvent. The user then places the drops in their mouth. To get the best results, let the cannabis sit under the tongue for some time then swallow the rest of the liquid. This method is less common, unlike in the early days, but some people still prefer it. The drops can also be mixed with drinks or added to food. Tinctures are usually odorless. Even if you are in a public place, no one will know you are consuming something.


    Now that you know the several ways you can consume cannabis products, try some of them and determine which one works better for you. If you want something that gives you faster effects, you can go for inhalation as opposed to oral ingestion. If you want to have your cannabis without anyone else judging you, you can go for tinctures since they don’t give evidence that you are consuming anything. Still, you don’t have to be tied to one method only. You can choose a few by considering your preference, experience, and type of product you are using.