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Top Cannabis Social Media Influencers of 2019

For most avid social media users, finding people to follow is pretty simple. Influencers abound and are incredibly easy to find, no matter how niche your interest. In the online weed community, that continues to hold true. Aspiring Weedstagrammers and...

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Cannabis Culture In Latin America

   It is undeniable that cannabis production, engineering and consumption have all developed exponentially over the last decade. Nowadays, people can find endless amounts of strains, as well as a wide variety of products derived from them. If you are...

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Why are silicone pipes, bongs and dab rigs popular

   Maybe one of the most “smoker-friendly” trends to hit the market lately is the emergence of silicone smoking devices. With the recent announcement of expansion, Mile High Glass Pipes is now starting to offer a wide array of silicone...

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