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Quartz Bangers & Nails

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      When it comes to dabbing cannabis extracts like wax, rosin, and shatter, the best choice of accessories to use is the one that doesn't interfere with the natural flavors of your concentrates.

      Generally, using a rig requires a dish and a heating source to turn your wax into consumable vapors. While many people would prefer to use a glass dish for their dab rigs, pro-dabbers would want to settle for a more durable option.

      When shopping for a dab dish, it’s important to understand how one differs from another. This rule does not just apply to choosing cannabis accessories, it applies to all aspects of life that require a choice. 

      The most popular type of dab dish available on the market today is the banger made from quartz materials. And in this article, you will learn what a quartz banger is, the types of quartz bangers you can choose from, their features, and the difference between quartz and glass nails. 

      Quartz Banger

      A banger is a special dish that is used to vaporize concentrated cannabis on a dab rig or bong. It is basically the part of the rig that you heat up and places your wax before drawing from the mouthpiece. 

      Bangers are sometimes called dab nails because both serve the same purpose. They are made from different materials like glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium, and the type of material used determines the cleaning method and how much heat the dish can retain. 

      Many dabbers see quartz bangers as superior compared to other types of dishes because they can withstand high heat while producing clean and flavorful dabs. 

      Unlike ceramic and titanium nails, quartz bangers heat up and cool down quicker, making them perfect for low-temp dabs. 

      It takes about 10 seconds or less to heat up a quartz banger and less than a minute to cool to your desired temperature for a perfect dab. 

      Types of Dab Bangers

      There are various types of quartz bangers in terms of shape and efficiency. But regardless of your choice, they all perform the same function.  

      Angled Top Quartz

      The angled top banger, also known as the standard banger, is designed with a slanted top which helps to position your carp cap and provides the concentrated vapor a safe passage from the back region directly to the neck. 

      This type of quartz banger comes in portable sizes, making it easy to clean and maintain after each session. However, the angled top requires the right carp cap to be fixed and sealed completely and you'll need to constantly hold the cap to keep it in place. 

      Dabs sometimes spill around the neck, which can lead to quick soil of your rig and waste of concentrates. 

      Flat Top Quartz

      Flat top quartz bangers are the most commonly used dab nails available in the market. Whether you prefer a bubble or bell-bottomed rig, the flat top quartz comes with a flat top design which allows you to use various style carp caps on it without slipping out. 

      The thickness of this banger ranges between 2mm to 4mm which aids in higher heat retention and longevity. It has an ideal bucket size that can contain a large portion of your concentrates.

      Round Bottom Quartz Nails

      The round bottom quartz bangers feature a unique design that has many benefits. It comes with a flat top design, rounded bottom, and  2mm thick walls. 

      The rounded bottom has no corners for the accumulation of wax. In other words, it allows for the smooth flow of the wax without hiding. This makes cleaning a lot faster and easier. 

      The flat-top design gives you the option to use any kind of carp cap on it. This helps for easy replacement of carp caps when lost.  It also has a deep bucket size which allows you to do larger dabs. 

      Evan Shore Style Quartz 

      The Evan Shore Style quartz nail is ideal for dispensing large portions of dabs. The flat-top bottom increases the surface area without extending the opening up top. This helps to reduce waste and prevents spillage. 

      Evan Shore-style quartz is designed with 2mm thick walls and is perfect for fast heat-up times. It can be used for both small and large portions of wax.  

      The nail uses a wide array of carb caps because of its 25mm diameter. The top-bottom also helps to create a good seal and easy carbing. 

      Thick Bottom Quartz 

      The Thick Bottom Quartz banger is designed with an impressive thick glass from top to bottom. It comes in a variety of shapes that hold heat longer and more efficiently than regular bangers. 

      It has a rounded bottom which allows for more movement and makes it easier for your concentrates to get heated. The extra thickness also prolongs its lifespan. If you enjoy a longer period of dabs then consider going for thick bottom quartz. 

      Opaque Bottom Quartz

      The Opaque Bottom Quartz features a flat top which is ideal for most carb caps. It comes in different shapes and sizes and has high heat times.. 

      Thermal P Quartz

      The thermal P Quartz banger features a double-wall design which ensures zero oil spillage. It allows you to vaporize more concentrates at lower temps. The airflow can be controlled using a bubble carp cap. 

      As opposed to regular quartz bangers where excess wax can flood your dab rig, the thermal P quartz will accommodate all your wax inside the inner cup to prevent any kind of leakage into your concentrates. This ensures that none of your valuable dabs go to waste. 

      Thermal Core Quartz

      The thermal core quartz is built with two popular great features- the thermal double-wall design and the core reactor.  The double-wall design allows for bigger dabs without spilling or getting drawn into the rig. The core reactor, on the other hand, provides better heat retention and vapors. 

      Both features give the core quartz a unique appearance. The core also provides a perfect fit for various carb caps. 


      Quartz bangers differ in many ways such as shape, style, thickness, and joint size. 


      Quartz bangers come in different shapes. The shape usually goes a long way to influence the efficiency of the nail. How your banger will be shaped depends on the style of the dish. 


      There are several styles of quartz bangers available in the market.  Some are designed with angled tops while others have flat tops. Always make sure to go through the package before purchasing. 


      The thickness of quartz bangers varies, but they're generally made with thick glass walls to withstand high temperatures and avoid breakages.   

      With quartz bangers, you won't have to worry about waste or the regular spills associated with other nails. 

      Joint Size 

      Most rigs consist of three different joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. While shopping for bangers, make sure to purchase the exact size suitable for your rig. This means that if you're buying a 10mm banger, make sure to buy a rig with a 10mm joint size.

      What's the Difference Between Quartz and Glass? 

      While both quartz and glass nails perform the same function as a dish, they are made from two different materials which determine their durability, heat resistance, and heat retention.  

      Glass is inferior to quartz when it comes to dabbing and there is a good chance of breakage when heated in a high heat consistently. 

      Quartz Nail 

      Quartz nails, just like quartz bangers, are made with a strong and clear crystal. It has the ability to hold against extreme temperatures.

      The nails are commonly used as a dish to vaporize cannabis oils and concentrates. Some quartz nails require a dome which gives an additional step to the dabbing process while some are domeless which tends to be the most convenient to most dabbers. 

      Domeless nails are made up of ventilation slots that give way for easy cooling of the concentrates. 

      Types of Quartz Nails 

      There are different types and styles of quartz nails in the market, but one of the best around is the Round Bottom Quartz Nails. 

      Round Bottom Quartz Nails

      Round bottom quartz nails come with a flat top, round bottom, and thick walls. The flat top is made to fit any carb cap of your choice and still retains the same position, giving you the freedom to focus on your dabs.